Sunset in Deerfield…

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Last Sunday, on one of my usual drives through Western Massachusetts to unwind, I stopped in Historical Deerfield as the sun was setting and went for a nice, brisk walk around the main street of old colonial houses before it got too dark, and too cold outside. The museums and most of the shops were closed, and with the exception of a couple of patrons going into a nearby restaurant- I was one of the only people out and about. It was really peaceful, and very, very pretty.

These were a few of my favorite shots from some of the buildings that caught my eye.

Growing up, I had used to want to live in a centuries old home like the ones in Historical Deerfield, until I visited a few on various class trips and heard how creaky the walls and floors were, or felt first-hand how drafty they could be in the colder months. Now I’m just a fond observer, admiring their exteriors- which look especially pretty during winter.

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