September 2013: In a Nutshell.

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Hostel in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

Hostel in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

Although I’m still mildly jet-lagged, it was nice to get up this morning and get back to work. A body at rest will stay at rest, and as relaxing as my mini-vacation was, I don’t like staying “at rest” for too long. I go stir crazy. I rather enjoy being productive and getting things done. That sense of productivity and accomplishment seemed to be a reoccurring theme over the course of September. I went into overdrive at the firm, more so than usual- up until the mere hours before I caught my flight out West last week to make sure my workload was either finished, up-to-date, and/or organized. This wasn’t only for my boss and co-worker’s benefit for while I was away- but for myself, as well, for when I got back. It was a rather rewarding feeling when I got into the office today and knew exactly what needed to be done and exactly where everything needed to go. It freed up what I call “clutter time,” which is just minutes or hours wasted on trying to locate things or figure out what needs to get done and when and created more free time for me to focus on other things, instead.

I had mentioned in a recent post while I was in California that October is shaping up to be a very fun, and very busy month. Halloween, which I think may be my favorite holiday, ever- brings a lot of fun events with it. Scary movies, costume parties, cheesy/scary attractions (haunted hay rides, anyone?) horror-themed conventions, the return of “The Walking Dead,” and so much more. I think I’ve been in the Halloween spirit since around April, so needless to say, I’m excited. I have a few themed posts in mind to celebrate, and my camera ready to capture everything.

And I can’t wait to share my costume with everyone.

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