Time to Head Home…

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Ah, yes, the dreaded “last day of vacation” has finally arrived. As much as I would love to stay in San Diego forever, I’m due to fly back to the East Coast early tomorrow morning (arriving just in time to catch the series finale of “Breaking Bad!”)

My last day of vacation usually involves packing, double checking that I packed everything about four to several more times, catching up on my (sigh) e-mails so I’m prepared when I get home and get back to business, double-checking that I packed everything another five times, and shopping. My mom, God bless her, loves souvenirs, so I always have to make a point to bring her back something cheesy to appease her, and even though I bring more than enough clothes and outfits for any and every occasion that should arise (you never know when you’ll need a cocktail dress… or a ball gown) while away from home, I always end up picking up a few more things that catch my eye.

Today, while stretching my legs, I stopped by a little store downtown to take a quick peek at a dress displayed in the front window that I had liked the pattern of. Instead, I ended up leaving with a bunch of fun-printed scarves and a crop-top I couldn’t resist buying:








Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day catching some sun and salty ocean air down at the pier at Ocean Beach (O.B.) which is one of my favorite spots in San Diego. The overall environment and the people that frequent there, at least every time I’ve visited, are very laid back surfer, skater, and hippie types. When I wasn’t down at the water, I was walking along the main strip of surf-shops, bars, and food shacks, admiring the spray-painted murals and street art on display on the sides of most of the buildings. The entire look of the beach is like something out of late 60s/early 70s, with more modern cars and clothing, of course. I’m so smitten with the place.


I met up with my longtime San Diegon friend, Duncan, at O.B., where we had a really nice little picnic by ocean before heading back to his beautiful apartment in Hillcrest. I met his three-legged cat (who is ADORABLE) and Duncan surprised me with an absolutely gorgeous Michael Kors watch. I’m still a little stunned by it. Every time I go to look at the time, I can’t help but smile.



The night concluded with a visit to a rooftop bar, where I had the most breathtaking view of the city as the sun was setting, followed by some New York style pizza- which is really the only way to end a perfect day.

And now, as the sun begins to set here again (sadly, I have no pizza this time,) I’m preparing to bid farewell to SoCal, and to what was an entirely and thoroughly enjoyable weekend. It was so, so nice to see some familiar faces- and meet some new ones, over the past few days, and while there were a couple of people I sadly did not get the chance to visit due to distance or time constraints- there’s always next time.

It seems that the only thing left to do before I go is stuff my face with one last heaping amount of In-N-Out Burger. I’m craving animal fries like you wouldn’t believe right now.

See you all back on the East Coast!


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