Closet Crushes: Arachnophobia.

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ArachnophobiaBangle1Perhaps this should be called a “Jewelry Box Crush” instead of a closet one, but during a recent organizing spree of some of my clothes and jewelry, I found one of my favorite, and creepiest, accessories tucked away in my bracelet & bangle drawer. I fell in love with this bangle, a limited edition piece by Betsey Johnson for a Halloween-inspired collection, a couple of years ago- despite my overwhelming (and borderline irrational) fear of spiders- and had to have it.

The bangle is a little heavy, but it definitely adds an interesting twist to even the tamest of ensembles, and the crystal-encrusted body of the spider gives a really great sparkle in the light. Every time I’ve worn it, I’ve been stopped by people who want to get a closer look.

My only gripe with the bangle is the design of the fastener. A simple magnetic strip, it tends to open easily and fall off whenever the bangle or the spider is bumped against anything (which, in my case, happens quite frequently), so I find myself removing it occasionally throughout the day to avoid misplacing it while I’m busy working or running around.

Other than that minor inconvenience, though- it’s a great, unique piece.




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