Closet Crushes: Orange Crush.

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OrangeCrush1Back in February, I had raved about my love for Bettie Page Clothing and their lovely staff at the Newbury Street location. I had purchased a beautiful high-waisted skirt with a simple, lovely print during my first visit that I’ve been longing to wear ever since, and even though today was a little chilly and breezy, I put it on anyway and couldn’t help but do a little twirl (or two) before I headed to the law firm. It’s just such a perfect fit. It accentuates my figure without sacrificing comfort, and the lining means no embarrassing see-through moments- which is a problem I’ve had with lighter colored skirts in the past.

I decided to play up the orange print of the skirt with a matching colored tank-top with a hint of lace along the neckline and straps, an intricate multi-colored beaded bracelet, and a big, bold ring. I kept my shoes (the same open-toed braided heels from my last Closet Crushes post) simple, and my nail color and makeup very neutral and minimal- some light blush, a little mascara, and some clear lip balm. I have a coral/orange matte lipstick by Clinique that I was tempted to wear, but I decided to let the skirt, and the accompanying jewelry, make a statement all on their own. I didn’t want to overdo it.

This was a great outfit for work, because while it was playful and even a little fresh, it was still very office-friendly. If baring arms isn’t appropriate for work, or in cases like today where there’s a nip in the air- wearing a basic white cardigan sweater would still look professional and pretty. Thankfully, my boss is lenient in letting me show off the guns (which aren’t really guns at all.)



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