Boston, you’re my home…

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I think I’m still at a loss for words.

First and foremost, I’m okay. I’m safe- as are my friends and loved ones in the Greater Boston Area. I am so unbelievably thankful for that.

I had a half day at work yesterday (Patriot’s Day) and after running a couple of errands and meeting up with my mom and my cousin, I had every intention of heading down to the Boston Marathon with them to try and snap a few photos and root on the runners, including a friend of a friend who was participating after months of training and hard work.

My mom changed her mind last minute and asked if we could do something else instead, and together, the three of us headed out to Western Massachusetts to do some shopping and have dinner. A couple of hours later, the marathon was attacked. Two powerful bombs were detonated near the finish line, leaving 3 dead, one being just a small child, over 150 people injured, and the city I love and am proud to consider myself a part of devastated and shaken to it’s core.

The phone lines jammed up and my service was unstable following the attack, understandably, and I apologize to those who tried to reach me via phone calls or texts to make sure my friends and I were okay. I tried to keep people updated on social media but it wasn’t easy, what with how many people were trying to check in with each other all at once. There are no words to describe the panic, the helplessness, of trying desperately to contact friends who were in close proximity of the blasts to see if they were alright- and I wasn’t the only one who experienced it.

I appreciate the concern and well-wishes I’ve received from so many, but ask that they be directed to the victims of this senseless and horrible tragedy. Please keep those we’ve lost, those who were injured- most of who are still fighting for their lives in local hospitals- and the unbelievably heroic first responders and civilians who, without hesitation or regard for their own safety- ran towards the chaos to help others- in your thoughts, your hearts, and your prayers.

In the past 24 hours, I have been so touched by the love, support, and sense of comradery and selflessness around Boston (and all of New England) in these confusing and grim hours. The stories of runners in the marathon continuing on without stopping to Mass General Hospital to give blood, residents offering space in their homes to strangers who were misplaced after evacuations in the area, and people utilizing the emergency hotlines and social media to help others reunite with loved ones who were separated in the confusion- it’s awe-inspiring and heartwarming.

And although there is anger (there always is in the aftermath of terrorism) and the desire to punish those who are responsible for this heinous act, it’s nice to see that everyone is focusing more on doing whatever they can to help out, and being supportive to those affected by the events of the past 24 hours.

Boston is truly one of the best cities in the world- with some of the bravest, most kind-hearted and resilient people around. Keep being good to each other and taking care of one another, everyone. I love you all and I’m so, so proud of the strength and positivity that is stretching far beyond Massachusetts state lines right now.

I love you, Boston.

Thanks again, everyone.


If you want to make a donation/contribution to help the victims, the first responders, and their families, here are a couple of good places to start. I’ll be updating this list in the coming days, so please check back:

The One Fund

Donate to the Boston First Responders Fund

Give Blood (Note: As of right now, the Red Cross has PLENTY of blood, but considering the severity of some of the injuries sustained in the attacks, that could change. Keep it on the back burner if they need more!)

The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation (The Kraft Family will match $100,000 in donations to support marathon tragedy victims.)

Donate to the Boston Children’s Hospital, where 10 injured kids were brought in following the attack. 3 remain in critical condition.

Donate to Massachusetts General Hospital

Donate to the Boston Athletic Association (Donation page will be up within the next 24-48 hours)

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