My Spring Essentials.

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Spring in New England is a funny thing. Some days are sunny, beautiful and warm (we hit 69°F at the beginning of the week), and other days are rainy, gloomy, and cold (we capped off at 37°F today, for example). With warm weather struggling to fight it’s way through the remnants of what has proven to be a harsh winter, I’ve compiled a list of seasonal products and items- some long-time favorites, and some newer discoveries- to help me prep for when the flowers finally bloom- much like my small “Winter Essentials Post” back in January.



1. Olay’s “Fresh Effects” Cleansing Brush System: This is a newer find for me. My lovely friend Imogen linked me to a beauty blogger’s YouTube review of this product one night while we were discussing Clarisonic skin-cleansing brushes, which although work wonderfully- are a little pricier than most people would feel comfortable spending. The review was a glowing one, so on a recent trip to the drug store, I picked up a package (retail value was about $15 USD) to try out for myself.

In the winter, my skin was pretty dry, but with temperatures rising and falling at the drop of a hat, and April showers aplenty, my skin is starting to lean towards being on the combination side this season. Olay’s rubber-bristled brush (which makes it so easy to clean) is small enough to fit into my palm, and is triangular shaped, allowing me to get alongside my nose and hairline with no difficulty. The cleanser, “Shine, Shine, Go Away” is a metallic colored cream that lathers up nice and doesn’t smell too perfume-y, which is a plus if you have sensitive skin like me.

I only use this brush at the end of the day, after I take my makeup off (I feel using it more than once may prove to be too drying), to give my pores a deep clean. After I rinse the lather off, I’m left with smooth, glowing skin that better absorbs my clarifying lotions and moisturizers. Even better? The brush only takes one AA battery to run and you can use any facial cleanser of your choice if you don’t particularly like “Shine, Shine, Go Away”.


2. The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Scrub (6.9 oz for $20): My face isn’t the only thing I want to keep glowing and smooth in the Spring. I love wearing flowy, flirty dresses and skirts this time of year, which means I have to keep my legs and my arms looking polished and soft. This particular scrub is packed with nutrients, coconut milk, and coconut oil (which is one of the most versatile of the all-natural beauty miracle ingredients). Coconut shell and husk pieces that are mixed in help buff away imperfections and dead skin cells while the milk and oil conditions and moisturizes. I always feel so sparkling clean when I rinse this off- and it smells delicious, too!



3. Garnier Fructis Sleek Finish 5-In-1 Serum Spray ($5.99): This was one of those “stumbled upon by accident” products. I had forgotten to pack hair care products when I went to San Diego last month, and ended up stopping by a local pharmacy for some color-safe shampoo and conditioner that wouldn’t break the bank or potentially be a waste should anything happen during my travel/flying (like a spill, or a broken container, etc.) This spray caught my attention, and I grabbed some, having flat-ironed my hair and desperate to keep it shiny for a night out. It’s been a style-saver since, especially with Spring rainstorms being as unpredictable as they are.

The formula applies, tames frizz and holds down fly-aways like a typical aerosol hairspray, but the serum mixed in makes my hair very, very shiny- NOT greasy- and soft- NOT stiff. Best of all, I get the same result when I leave my hair natural and curly, too. This particular spray doesn’t just apply to those with straight or styled hair.


4. Flowy, Flirty Dresses: As I’ve said before, I love breaking out the softer colors and florals for my Spring wardrobe. The dresses pictured above, three of my favorites from ModCloth, are just a snippet of my style when the nicer weather peeks it’s head out. Short, ultra-feminine, and fun to accessorize- these are the types of frocks I covet for picnics, walks in the park, and afternoon shopping on the warmer weekends.


5. Pastel Polish: If winter is resilient, kind of like it’s being right now, and I can’t show a little leg in a dress without risking catching pneumonia, it helps to keep my spirits up if I at least have a pretty pastel polish on my nails to look at from time to time. My go-to color is O.P.I.’s “Bubble Bath”, a beautiful ballerina pink that can be played up in a variety of ways with other colors and designs. It’s just a lovely shade that goes with pretty much anything.

“Spring Essentials” Not Pictured: A good pair of nude colored pumps, my nude/light rose toned matte lipstick, a lighter, more floral perfume (Calvin Klein’s “Euphoria Blossom” has been my signature Spring scent for years now), a gym membership I can’t ignore anymore because “it’s too cold out” or “it gets dark too early” are no longer valid excuses, fresh cut grass or clean linen-scented candles to help freshen up your place and get you ready for Spring cleaning, and a relaxing playlist, fan, or earplugs to drown out the sounds of chirping now that the birds are back to making noise at an ungodly hour in the morning.

What are some of your “Spring Essentials”?

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