Closet Crushes: Practical Festival Wear.

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Oh, “Closet Crushes” posts- how I’ve missed you. It’s been well over a year- maybe a year and a half- since I’ve shared some of the contents of my wardrobe on here. With work, travel, geeking out at comic-conventions, and more recently- unpredictable weather- I haven’t had much time or motivation to primp and pose outdoors in some of my favorite pieces in recent months- and the “Closet Crushes” posts sort of fell to the wayside as a result.

But now, with beautiful weather here at last and my closet recently cleaned out and organized from a LOT of Spring cleaning- I’ve been inspired to start them up again- and with the first leg of Coachella wrapping up this past weekend (and the festival fashion recap posts emerging online)– I thought I’d share two of my favorite, practical, but still stylish ensembles to wear for such an occasion.

Here’s the thing about Coachella. Over the years, the festival has become less about music and more about which celebrity can show up wearing the most outlandish, impractical, and uncomfortable looking outfits (sometimes engaging in some cultural appropriation along the way.) How someone can enjoy a band’s set in 75+ degree weather, surrounded by a mass of other sweating, sticky bodies, and trying to decide between succumbing to dehydration or spending $12 on a bottle of water- all while wearing layers upon layers of leather, fringe, suede, feathers, tulle (the worst fabric imaginable,) and three pounds of metal bangle bracelets- is beyond me. That sounds like a miserable time!

I’ve been to a few outdoor music festivals throughout the years, and I’ve always made it a point to dress in clothing that was comfortable and suitable for the elements. Jeans, t-shirts, and waterproof boots in case of rain or puddles were pretty much mandatory- but sometimes the heat and the sun beating down during the day could make me feel like I was roasting- and I turned to more flowing, breathable fabrics that let me stay cool and able to move around (and dance!) freely without looking like an insane person.

I love my shin-length, nude-colored cotton crochet skirt (in the left hand side of the photo above,) which I usually layer with a tank top and a lightweight sweater in case it cools down at all during the day- and my white, cotton crochet dress (right side of the photo above,) is loose-fitting and feminine- making me feel pretty and comfortable. I especially love the design of it’s bell sleeves- which give me some serious BoHo vibes.


For accessories, I try to keep it simple. Too much dangling from my neck and arms is uncomfortable, at least for me- so I tend to stick to one or two pieces- like a unique and lightweight necklace and one or two chunky bracelets that won’t interfere with my movements too much. I like these pieces since I can barely feel them whenever I wear them.



Lastly, the finishing touches- my footwear and my sunglasses. I love these faux-leather cowboy style boots year-round, since they’re comfortable and look pretty chic with jeans and dresses alike, regardless of the season (I once paired them with short shorts when I was in Las Vegas- and it looked pretty cool.) Best of all? They keep my feet dry in the case of an unexpected downpour, and are easy to clean should I encounter the dreaded outdoor festival mud pile. Ick.

The sunglasses, large and round- are back in style this season, and have been all but permanently attached to my face as of late. They’re also going to be making another appearance in an upcoming “Inspired By” post!



And those are just two of my favorite, and practical- outdoor festival looks.

Do you have any practical festival fashion must-haves? Feel free to share in the comments!

Retail Therapy: Bettie Page Clothing

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Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting when it came to my fashion sense and personal style. A peek into my closet will reveal a jumbled collection of bright colors, daring patterns and cuts, questionable trends from the past, everyday casual wear, and timeless classics alike. Much like my makeup- I’m not afraid to take the occasional risk and make a bold statement with my look and how I present myself.

There is always a type of fashion I never stray too far from, however. Vintage and retro style, sometimes referred to as “Pin-Up Girl Style”, is a look I’ve coveted since my days of playing dress-up with my grandmother as a little girl all the way ’til now. It’s always suited me: my figure, my wild hair, and even my personality. What I love most about this type of fashion is that it can be worn pretty much anywhere and is universally flattering. At work, I look sharp, professional, but still feminine- and when I go out for a night on the town, I look classy and sophisticated, without looking matronly.

I’ve mentioned my love of in the past. It’s where I purchase a lot of my prominent pieces of clothing and accessories. The only downside to ModCloth, though- is that not everything is sized the same way, so there is always the possibility that something you’ve ordered, even after selecting the correct size, may not entirely fit properly once it arrives. Another downside is that what you’ve ordered might not look the same way on your body as you may have envisioned it when you initially ordered it, and while there are return policies and customer service options- if you needed the dress/top/pants/etc. for anything urgent, such a setback can leave you in a bit of a pinch.

Ideally, I prefer to try the clothing on, move around in it, see how it makes my body look, determine whether or not I like the feel of the fabric on my skin, so on and so forth. I’ve been hard pressed to find a local shop that not only carries reasonably priced vintage and retro style clothing, but also has a wide, diverse selection of quality products- and informed, friendly employees who will help me select the proper sizes and allow me to try the clothing on before purchasing.

Enter Bettie Page Clothing, who have a Boston location right on Newbury Street. They also have locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Santa Barbara, Philadelphia, New York City, Portland, and my home away from home- San Diego- right in the Gaslamp Quarter.


I first heard about BPC during the Dropkick Murphy’s record release party at McGreevy’s last month, when the store was advertised during a t-shirt giveaway. The name stuck with me because 1. I love Bettie Page, and 2. I hadn’t been shopping on Newbury Street in a while, and was wondering how I could have possibly missed the news of such a store opening in the area. I made a mental note to check it out.

Upon visiting their website a few days later, I was instantly smitten with their collections (and prices), and knew I had to go to the store to see everything up close. It’s been a few weeks coming, but I finally made it in last night to shop. The store is, for lack of a better word, adorable- from the front window display to the little lounge area by the fitting rooms in the back. The clothing is beautiful and truly well-made, and the staff were absolute sweethearts who were beyond helpful. I left with a gorgeous high-waisted flowing skirt that I can’t wait to wear in the Spring.


I definitely plan on returning within the next couple of weeks, specifically to pick up certain nautical style (another love of mine- nautical anything) and cherry print dresses that I saw advertised in a catalog of anticipated new arrival merchandise one of the saleswomen gave to me for a trip I’m taking at the end of next month.







Besides shopping, I had gone out for dinner with Sean last night, and we followed it up with a walk around town. We ended up by the Bunker Hill Monument and decided to take a few photos, the above ones being a few of my favorites from the bunch. The monument and the surrounding neighborhood is my favorite in Charlestown. It’s just beautiful, especially in the Summer, but it was still nice despite the chill in the air.