Day Off Date!

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Much like my recently implemented monthly “Hits List!” posts, I thought I’d try something a little new and a little different here on the blog to coincide with my new work schedule and create weekly/bi-weekly “Day Off Date” posts. You see, since I started my new job- my typical weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) off has shifted into having Sundays and Tuesdays off, instead. It’s not terrible- since having a weekday off means I can properly schedule appointments, run errands, or take time to do something fun for myself during the day without having to deal with weekend crowds and/or traffic- and my shift on Saturdays is still early enough in the day that it allows me plenty of time to partake in weekend party plans, too!

I’ve decided to seize those days off and have myself a different adventure every week- a way to treat myself with some quality solo time- and since I always have my camera in tow- documenting my travels, destinations, and food (of course!) will be very easy for me.

This past Tuesday I ventured out to the Museum of Fine Arts to scratch one thing off of my lifetime bucket list- seeing a real Picasso painting up close. The exhibit, ‘Pairing Picasso’, is running at the MFA from now through June 26th. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking it out!

Of course, I also took a couple of hours to explore the rest of the museum, too. I haven’t had the opportunity to go in a couple of years- but the place is so beautiful- and during the week it’s delightfully quiet, too!

While I was at the museum, I enjoyed a light lunch near the contemporary and digital art exhibits before I popped into the gift shop to pick up a Picasso print for my mom (everyone could use a little unusual art in their home!) and then headed uptown for a quick manicure and a coffee.

Of course, this past Tuesday marked ‘Super Tuesday’, as well- so near the end of my day I took the time to vote before meeting up with Troy for the night. While the results of the polls weren’t exactly what I had hoped for- I’m trying to stay optimistic for the coming election. I really, really am. I mean I’m REALLY trying.

All in all, my first ‘Day Off Date’ was a success! I had a lovely time at the MFA, and even accomplishing something as small and as frivolous as making my nails look nice again was rewarding for me. It was a stress-free and relaxing day (apart from when I stepped in gum inside my Town Hall’s polling station. Ew) and I’m already planning a couple of things for this coming Tuesday!

For now, though- I’m off to work for a couple of hours!



“With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair…”

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On Thursday night, in a last minute and unprecedented gesture of the utmost coolness, my boss invited both my co-worker and I to come see Robert Plant perform at the Bank of America Pavilion¬†with him and some of his family after work. I’m a big Zeppelin fan, and although I’ve always been more of a Jimmy Page kind-of-girl myself, I jumped at the chance to see The Golden God up close.

My seat was incredible, and I had a wonderful view of Robert as he belted his heart out to some of his solo work, some blues songs, and a handful of Led Zeppelin favorites. He may not have been able to hit the high notes the way he used to, but it still sounded good. My only gripe, and it’s just a tiny one, was that during a few of the Zeppelin songs, Robert would sort of trail off in the middle of them and he and the Sensational Space Shifters would proceed to have a sort of jam band session while the crowd was anxiously waiting for the rest of the song. The most noticeable offense was during “Whole Lotta’ Love,” when the song seemed to have an intermission while he and the band improvised for entirely too long before finally bringing it back around and completing the classic.

Thankfully, “Going to California,” a song I treasure, was unscathed- and was probably my favorite moment of the night.









If seeing Robert Plant wasn’t enough of a blast from the 60’s/70’s, then the “Hippie Chic” exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts definitely did the trick. I headed over today to see the collection, which is on display through November 11th. Between the music (I walked in just as The Beatles “With a Little Help from My Friends” started playing), the shag carpeting, and the wide array of vibrant colors and patterns- the exhibit was a sensory overload- in a good way, of course. I had a ball (and more than a couple of laughs) looking at the ensembles- some of which looked eerily similar to things I’d seen my parents wearing in photographs from back when they were my age.

For the most part, though, I wanted a majority of the pieces for my own closet.

I love the MFA, and strongly recommend those visiting the Boston area to check it out anyway- but this exhibit is a really nice addition.