Drug Store Finds

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When I pack for a vacation, or even just for a quick weekend getaway- I try to be as thorough as possible when it comes to keeping my bag light and manageable while simultaneously not forgetting the important stuff. Toothbrush? Check. Contact lens solution? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Mascara? Check. Where did I put my deodorant? Where’s my hair brush?

Occasionally, however- I can forget or overlook a few necessities- never realizing it until it’s too late. Sure, I can drive around wherever I’m visiting to try and locate the closest Sephora or department store to re-purchase the products I left behind, but that cuts into time that should be spent enjoying myself and relaxing- not scrambling to find things- and it can also get expensive. I consider myself savvy when it comes to budgeting, which is why I carefully plan my Sephora hauls and splurging sprees so that I don’t spend too much or buy things I don’t necessarily need at the time.

So what do I do when I forget a product(s) at home or need a substitute when I run out and can’t get to Sephora or the makeup counter in a timely manner?

I head to the drug store.

There used to be a bit of a stigma attached when it came to purchasing the more affordable cosmetics that can be found in most drug stores and pharmacies- like Cover Girl, Maybelline, Rimmel, etc. I remember hearing the words “cheap” and “amateur” being used freely and often by representatives for name brand cosmetics companies when they were comparing their products to their less expensive competition at one of my last jobs in the world of retail. Buying foundation at a pharmacy was something teenage girls did- not grown women. At least that’s what I was told as I tried to find an actual difference between a $12 bottle of Cover Girl makeup and a $42 bottle of a high end one (spoiler alert: the only difference was the products’ names.)

But a lot has changed in terms of drug store cosmetics brands, their formulas, their packaging- and thankfully- the aforementioned stigma is pretty much gone. Through the years I’ve found that much of the makeup products I’ve purchased at my local CVS or Walgreens actually surpassed more expensive name brands in terms of quality, longevity, results, etc.

Best of all? I’ve saved a ton of cash.

That being said, I’d like to introduce a new installment here at Legally Redhead, called “Drug Store Finds,” where every so often I will share my recent purchases from the pharmacy in the hopes that other thrifty ladies or forgetful travelers on the road will have some options to check out when they’re in a pinch.



I remember that the only product any of my friends and I ever owned from Burt’s Bees back when we were teenagers were tubes of their tinted lip balm. At the time, that seemed to be the only thing the company ever made- and they were always available at nearly every register at the grocery store, gas stations, etc. Since then, Burt’s Bees have taken on other endeavors- including all-natural hair care and skincare.

I have sensitive skin that reacts poorly to artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals- so I’ve been loving these gentle makeup remover wipes (and the snap on the pouch keeps them from getting dried out between uses, unlike other makeup remover wipes that can’t seem to stay sealed no matter what I do) to remove the makeup from the surface of my skin before I follow them up with the matching facial cleanser to get any excess makeup, dirt, and oil out of my pores without drying my face out. Both products, purchased together, are under $20.



I’ve been trying to incorporate more corals and gold tones into my color palette since it seems New England has completely bypassed Spring and is diving headfirst into Summer (it’s currently teetering on 80 degrees outside,) and those are the colors that best compliment my skin tone this time of year. After carefully cleaning out my makeup collection- tossing empties and expired products- I picked up one of Maybelline’s new Color Sensational Rebel Bloom lipsticks in “Peach Poppy,” a non-drying and pretty bright peachy/pink that pairs well with a NYX Butter Gloss I own in a similar shade. It lasts a long time on my lips before it fades, too- so numerous reapplications throughout the day aren’t really a concern. The lipstick is priced at just under $8.

I also snatched up a matching coral-toned nail lacquer from essie in the color “Tart Deco.” I’ve found that pairing any brand of nail polish with Sephora’s Formula X base coat pretty much guarantees it’s going to last longer than it would have all by itself, so I’ve been sporting this shade the past few days (with no chipping or peeling just yet!) It makes me feel very beachy- like I’m back at OB in San Diego and just chilling out by the water….

… I think I need another West Coast vacation.

Anyway, the nail polish is marked at $8.50.

Lastly, I picked up this quad, also from Maybelline. Part of their Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow collection, the color(s) is called “Copper Chic” and included a highlighter with three buttery smooth and very pigmented gold/rose tones that really make my blue eyes pop without causing me to look tired or overly made up. I’ve been wearing these shades to work lately since they’re pretty tame- but there’s a couple of other available quads with bolder colors that I’m really eager to try soon. They’re priced at $9.99.


All of these products, with a couple of other essentials (toothpaste and the like) plus tax- put my total bill at just over $50. Not bad, considering the damage I usually take at Sephora can exceed $200+ sometimes.

Do you have any drug store brands/products that you swear by? Is there something you want to try? Let me know and the next time I stop at my local pharmacy- I might check it out for my next “Drug Store Finds” post!