POPSUGAR Must Have Box: May 2017.

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Good Morning! In just a few more days I’ll be 10,000 feet in the air and en route to fabulous Las Vegas (and then San Diego) for a long, extended weekend getaway! I’m excited- and I’ve been getting things in order at work while simultaneously attempting to start my packing so that I’m prepared for my very early flight on Friday morning and can truly de-stress while I’m gone!

Before I post the results of my pre-vacay shopping spree splurge and get ready for take-off, however- I wanted to share what I recently received in my May POPSUGAR “Must Have” box! The contents not only featured some of my favorite items- but also had some great gifts I got to pass along, too!

May’s theme/inspirations centered around home and family- presumably in celebration of Mother’s Day. BE GOOD & FEEL GOOD, FAMILY, MEMORIES, HOME and GRATITUDE were the big ones- and once again I think POPSUGAR perfectly managed to capture the themes with the items that were included.

Let’s take a look!

I can never have enough greeting cards on hand, especially since there always seems to be a special occasion happening at any given point. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries- you name it and I see about 3-4 of them per week! I thought these three blank cards from Nicely Noted would be a lovely addition to my collection of stand-by stationary since they’re all really cute. One is a simple “thank you!” card, another is for a Summer birthday, and the third- which might be hard to read in the photo- is simply to say hello!

I love strawberry-flavored anything, and I especially love muffins- so I was thrilled when I saw this all-in-one muffin mix from Southern Culture Artisan Foods in this month’s “Must Have” box! With everything included in the kit (which is reasonably priced at $7.99 per kit)– I know I’m going to have so much fun making these this week and even more fun eating them!

POPSUGAR always includes the best candles in the subscription box game. They really do take it to a new level that I feel other monthly/annual services may have a hard time keeping up with. Case in point- this divine and beachy-scented candle from TOCCA– which transported me to my favorite seaside spot in Southern California the first time I caught a whiff of it as I was going through the box for the first time.

It just smells so fresh and clean and I can’t get enough of it! I know I’m going to be buying another one ASAP once this one is gone.

I have a lot of artwork around my house, but not too many photographs- so this lovely 4 x 6″ frame from Swing Design was gifted to my mother so she could put a SUPER unflattering recent photo of me she had in her possession in it (even though I begged her not to.) The frame is simple and looks nice pretty much anywhere since it matches any color scheme/pattern- and it’s currently found a home on my mother’s mantle for all to see….

…. Lord help me.

My second favorite item in May’s “Must Have” box was this chic and durable cuff crafted by Samantha Faye exclusively for POPSUGAR. Inscribed with the inspirational words “Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good.” this adjustable bracelet sits comfortably on my wrist and pairs well with nearly everything in my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing it solo or stacked with some of my other cuffs/bracelets lately and getting a load of compliments on it!

Finally, my absolute favorite item in May’s “Must Have” box was the new color-changing, skin-tone complimenting lipstick from Lipstick Queen.While it indeed looks yellow in the tube- once applied, this creamy formula transforms into a custom (and ultra flattering) coral shade that smooths and hydrates your lips!

I know it’s still technically Spring and I don’t start wearing coral/peach shades until we’re well into the Summer- but I can’t stop applying this stuff! It’s so cool and it looks and feels great when it’s on! This is another item from this month’s “Must Have” box that I’ve been getting tons of compliments on!

POPSUGAR did include some digital goodies, too- including a 15% off voucher for Lipstick Queen and a promo for Gentlemans Box– which I assume is like POPSUGAR but for guys, instead. I have a feeling I’ll be passing that one along to a friend and keeping the Lipstick Queen one for myself!

Overall- I absolutely loved this month’s “Must Have” box! There was a little bit of everything included (and I love variety like that!) and each item was so well made and such high quality that I made back the money my subscription costs x3!

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for June!


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