POPSUGAR Must Have Box: April 2017.

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Good Morning and Happy Friday, y’all! I’m getting ready to put in a busy day at work- filled with meetings and phone calls- before I head out with friends to kick-start my weekend. Before I launch right into that morning coffee (and paperwork), though- I wanted to share the goodies that were included in my recently received POPSUGAR “Must Have Box” for the month of April.

It was a good one, for sure! I had a lot of fun going through it.

With Spring finally in the air- POPSUGAR’s themes/inspirations for April’s box weren’t surprising: RESET, NATURAL, HEALING, CLEAN, GROW and SPIRITUAL were the words each item was based around- and I think they hit the mark (again!) this time!

I can honestly use any help I can get when it comes to securing a full night’s sleep. Even with evening yoga, a warm bath and/or an eye mask- I still tend to toss and turn some nights, and then other nights- my dog jumps up on the bed ready to play at 3 a.m. I often wake up in a fog- so when I saw these lavender-infused sachets from Tonic Australia– I was pretty excited to put one near my pillow so I could pass out in peace.

Not only do these smell lovely and are immediately calming- but the pattern on the fabric is really pretty, too!

With all the cooking and baking experiments I conduct in my kitchen- receiving any item designed to make the process easier for me is always a welcomed addition in my home. I really like the look and feel of this bamboo cutting board from Morning Culture–  and I know it’s going to come in handy this weekend when I’m preparing an array of meals to bring to the office with me next week.

I currently have a small pot of bamboo on my desk, and at first I thought it was enough- but then I received this crystal and sand terrarium kit from MakersKit in April’s “Must Have Box” and now I know that I’m going to have to make some room for this when it’s completed, too! There’s so many ways you can rearrange the crystal, preserved moss and sand included in the kit to your liking- but all the combinations are beautiful.

I thought this was such a unique item to include and I’m excited to put it together!

As much as I always love the snacks POPSUGAR occasionally includes in their boxes- I was a little skeptical about this roasted corn snack from Nourish Snacks– but I gotta’ say: they’re pretty good! With just the right amount of a spicy kick to them, these crunchy kernels made for a pretty satisfying afternoon snack at my office. I browsed Nourish Snack’s website during some recent down time and it looks like they have a ton of other goodies to munch on, as well!

Okay, first things first- how cute is the design of this bottle? I love it! Secondly, this moisturizing body wash from The Cottage Greenhouse is pretty awesome. Not only does it smell really good, but it’s loaded with vitamins, carrot (and coconut!) oil and cocoa butter so my skin always feel really soft, smooth and refreshed after every shower- which is perfect this time of year when I’m spending more time outdoors and may not be loading on the lotions as much as I do in the Fall and Winter.

I think this might be my favorite item in this month’s “Must Have Box”!

One might think getting toothpaste and dental floss in a subscription box is a little weird- but I think it’s great since it saves me a trip to the pharmacy to stock up. Infused with coconut oil and with a subtle fruit flavor- I’ve been really liking how clean this floss from Cocofloss makes my mouth feel and how gentle but effective this freshening toothpaste from Sensodyne is.

It’s a pretty great combination to have handy!

Finally, my e-coupon for April’s “Must Have Box” came courtesy of The Cottage Greenhouse- who made that sensational body wash pictured above! I plan on stocking up on more of their supplies, so this 30% voucher is going to be used REAL quick!

It goes without saying that I really enjoyed April’s POPSUGAR box- and each item fit the themes/inspirations brilliantly. I’m a huge fan of the body wash and the terrarium, and the roasted corn kernels were pretty good, too!

‘Til next month!


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