Skincare In Your 30s – Laser Treatments?

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Now that I’ve entered the new and still-uncharted “Early 30’s” territory, one of the questions I get asked the most- both by friends and strangers in person or on social media alike- is how I keep my skin looking so young. Now, I don’t consider the 30’s to be old at all (nor do I think 40’s or 50’s are that old!) so it’s always a bit unusual to answer. I mean, a small percentage of keeping a youthful appearance is the genetic lottery. Both my mom and dad looked young for their age- as did their parents and their parents before them- while the rest is all in how you take care of yourself. Diet, adequate sun protection, not smoking or drinking too much alcohol, getting enough sleep and water in your system- and using preventative products all help keep signs of aging at bay and also reduce the signs that may already be visible.

Of course, I know that answer may not satisfy everyone- and I’ve had people ask me about laser treatments- and if that’s something I’d consider in the future. While I’ve never been one to really contemplate going under the knife or having any kind of plastic surgery done- I find the procedures fascinating- both in their quickness and in their long-term results that don’t require multiple and/or painful appointments. The way procedures have advanced over the years is starting to make the traditional “get knocked out and wake up sore for a few weeks” methods obsolete.

I did a little research for those who are considering laser skin treatments, and put together a small guide for others who may also be entering their 30’s and are considering giving the procedures a try:

Lasers for Skin Treatment – What You Need to Know

Lasers have been used to treat the skin for decades, but exactly how they are used has changed over the years. As the laser skincare treatment options have grown, so has the popularity of the procedures themselves. But just because something is popular doesn’t mean you should jump right in and have it done when you are uninformed. Here’s what you need to know about having a laser treatment.

Lasers Perform Versatile Skin Treatments on Multiple Body Parts

First, you should know that lasers are very versatile. Not only can they help to tighten up wrinkles and sagging skin, but they can also help you get rid of unsightly blemishes and scars. Although, one specific laser may not be able to do all of that at once. Different machines have different purposes.

Along those same lines, you need to understand that lasers can treat your skin in different ways. Some medical tools that use lasers are capable of treating surface concerns, while others get down a bit deeper, impacting areas that can’t be seen with the naked eye. You might think that surface issues are the only ones you need to treat, but that isn’t true.

You see, your skin naturally flakes off over time. As it is, lower layers move up and become upper layers. By improving your general skin health, you can often see gradual improvements over time. So, there are advantages to both types of laser treatments.

How Lasers Interact with Skin Oils

The next thing you need to know is that any oils or liquids on your skin, whether natural or applied, can alter your laser treatment results. That’s why your clinic should tell you not to put on any perfume or sprays before your treatment. It’s also why your clinician may recommend against laser appointments if your skin is naturally too oily. Oily-skinned people often find that they develop blisters or burns after laser procedures.

It’s Vital That You Choose the Right Laser Clinic for You

It’s also vital that you know the difference between a good clinic and a bad clinic. Unfortunately, there are untrained people out there claiming to be skincare experts. You can verify the reputation of your clinic through reviews, references, and general word of mouth. You can also inquire about the individual experience and training that a specific clinician in the clinic has. Don’t be afraid to ask multiple questions! It’s your skin and you want to make sure you’re putting it in the right person’s hands!

 You Still Have to Take Care of Your Skin After Laser Treatment

One thing that some people don’t realize is that laser treatment isn’t a permanent fix for all skin problems. Even if your treatment or series of treatments is successful at first, wrinkles and skin sags can return weeks, months, or years later.

You can improve your odds of lasting results by caring for your skin, even after your laser procedure is complete. Ask your clinician or dermatologist what creams, lotions, and cleansers are best, and then use those products regularly as directed.

As long as you make an educated decision about which clinic and which laser procedure to choose, you should see marked improvements in your skin health within a relatively short time. Just make sure that you don’t expect too much too soon. Remember that laser treatments often need to be repeated for the best results. But have a little patience and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier appearance.


I hope that is helpful and sound advice for anyone thinking of getting any kind of laser procedure done in the future! It’s all pretty standard and common knowledge- but it never hurts to have additional information to reference while researching clinics and mulling over decisions.

If anyone has ever had one of these procedures done, and would like to share their experience- I’d love to hear it!


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