POPSUGAR Must Have Box: November 2016.

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First, let me start off my apologizing for the quality of these photos. Daylight Savings Time and my work schedule do not agree with one another at all. By the time I get home from my office, it’s pitch black outside- and the current lighting in my place is not exactly what you’d call cooperative. I tried my best with these given the circumstances- but I understand they aren’t exactly the brightest and clearest pictures around.

Secondly, with Thanksgiving just a short week away- I have been so preoccupied with preparing as much as I can in terms of cooking/baking/decorating that I’ve been a little scatterbrained lately. Thankfully, POPSUGAR sent me over some things in their “Must Have” box this month that are going to come in handy and help me out a little bit!

Per the enclosed pamphlet that is included in every month’s assortment of items- November’s box was inspired by the themes of TOGETHERNESS, ELEGANT, ESSENTIALS, INVITING and CELEBRATION.

Let’s take a look at what I got!


While this won’t necessarily come in handy for Thanksgiving- this limited edition toffee butter popcorn from Oogie’s Snacks WILL be helpful the next time I start getting hungry at work and don’t have time to run out to grab a proper lunch. I just love popcorn in general, so I had no problems hiding this away in my purse for the next time I’m pulling some overtime and want something salty, sweet and crunchy to hold me over. It’s gluten-free, too- which isn’t really important to me- but that’s great for anyone who needs it!


The item that took up the most space in November’s “Must Have” box has got to be this gray-colored nest wire bowl from AJ Goods. I love the design of this bowl- which was handmade in India- and how lightweight it is. For Thanksgiving, I think I’ll be using this to store the napkins and silverware (or the dinner rolls, depending on how much room I have left over after the rest of the food is laid out)– but post-Thanksgiving I know I’m going to be filling it with Christmas tree ornaments to give my dining room table a more festive feel.


I was really excited when I saw this fringed, champagne and wine-colored table runner from Pehr Designs in this month’s assortment of items. Every year- without fail- my mother always drives herself crazy trying to find a chic runner to adorn her table with for the holidays. This one actually matches her kitchen and dining room perfectly, so I’ll be gifting this to her as an early Thanksgiving Day surprise so she doesn’t have an anxiety attack when she’s trying to put the finishing touches on her decor.

Mom, if you’re reading this right now- surprise! And you’re welcome!


My dad used to say that I was like a crow in the sense that I am always drawn to anything sparkly or shiny. That being said- this was the first item I noticed in November’s “Must Have” box so I’m pretty sure that means he was right. I’m all about these star party picks from Meri Meri (who make the CUTEST stationary and gift cards ever.) If I don’t use these by Thanksgiving- you can bet they’ll be making an appearance for Christmas.


The item I knew I’d be receiving in November’s “Must Have” box was this compact “Dawn to Dusk” eye shadow palette from Stowaway Cosmetics– and I’ve been wearing it every single day since I opened it up. The colors are super pigmented, easy to blend, and really make my eyes pop. I’ve been wearing the lighter, more neutral shades during the day at work- and then adding a touch of the darker shades, like the royal blue along my lash line- to give myself a more dramatic look if I have anything planned for after I leave the office at night.

You can pick up this palette at Stowaway’s website, too! It’s not a limited edition product and it’s available to order!


I adore rose gold- so much, in fact- that I’ve been debating incorporating the hue into my highlights in my hair for a completely new look for the coming New Year. That’s neither here nor there, however- what IS here is this gorgeous, adjustable rose gold and white pearl bracelet from Kendra Scott. This item was a total surprise, and I am absolutely in love with it! This is one of those pieces that looks great when worn with jeans and a fluffy sweater, or with a more dressed up and fancy ensemble. It’s so versatile and like the above-pictured palette from Stowaway- I’ve been wearing this non-stop!


POPSUGAR included some digital goodies in their November “Must Have” box, too. A 20% off voucher for Kendra Scott, 25% off a purchase of $50 or more from Stowaway Cosmetics, and 25% off an entire order through Pehr Designs. Sometimes the vouchers are hit or miss with me- but I have a feeling I’ll be taking advantage of each of these discounts when it comes time for me to start my Christmas shopping!

Overall, I loved November’s “Must Have” box. It had a little bit of everything and I can’t wait to use some of the items for the holidays. I’m really looking forward to seeing what POPSUGAR has planned for their end-of-the-year box. Judging from how on the mark they’ve been throughout 2016- I have a feeling it’s going to be good!


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