Legends of the Fall

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Even though I am missing the weather in Las Vegas and San Diego like crazy- it hasn’t completely interfered with my love of all things Fall here in New England- especially with the foliage just starting to hit it’s peak color-changing potential. There’s still some green here and there- but everything has gradually been turning bright and beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange since I got back home. It’s my favorite transition between seasons- even though I know that transition is eventually going to lead into frigid and snowy winter in what I’m sure will feel like no time at all.

I’ve been putting in overtime at work since my return to the East Coast last week (planning an eventual cross-country move is gonna’ cost money, after all-) but Tuesday afternoon, after putting in a few extra hours at the office in the morning- I took the opportunity to take a long and winding drive to visit friends North of Boston. On my way, I stopped at the historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury to go on a little hike and snap some photos of the surrounding scenery.




Hurricane Matthew had dumped quite a bit of rain on us recently (and I’m thankful that was the worst of what we saw here considering how bad it got down South,) but it couldn’t have been more perfect outside during my excursion on Tuesday. It was warm- but not too warm- and sunny. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky- and it held out that way until the temperatures started to drop by the time the sun began to set just as I was finishing up a delicious Thai dinner in Melrose.

This coming weekend is the annual Rock & Shock convention in my hometown, so I know I’ll be too preoccupied checking it out with old friends to head out and take more pictures of the leaves until next week at the earliest- but I’m quite content with the photos I’ve snapped so far!

Next week I’m going to have the details for my Halloween Giveaway up and running- and of course a few more “Horrors of Netflix” posts, too!



4 thoughts on “Legends of the Fall

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’m so jealous of your just-turning leaves. Ours have been off the trees for weeks now and we got snow last weekend. ☹️️ We don’t get much of a fall here unfortunately which is a shame because its such a beautiful season!

    • Oh my goodness! It’s snowing there already?! I’m so sorry! I love the first snow of the season, but after that I want no part of it!

  2. Hi Ashley. Beautiful pics. I have to say that I too am notorious for things that I do turning the complete opposite than originally planned. By that, I mean I stayed in Portsmouth Tuesday on Lafayette less than a mile from the Beach Plum. Well… I ate at WingZ-It LOL. However, on Wednesday I ended up in Maine at Nubble Lighthouse and ate at Fox’s Lobster House. A bit overpriced as you may know but a beautiful view and of coarse, very fresh seafood :D. Yes the colors around Boston were gorgeous. I walked from Mass General to Cambridge and back. Completely awesome!!!

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