POPSUGAR Must Have Box: September 2016.

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With August’s “Must Have” box arriving a little late last month- POPSUGAR wasted no time in making sure their September collection of items was prompt and punctual when being shipped out to subscribers’ doorsteps. My box showed up this past weekend- and previews/spoilers for October’s “Must Have” assortment started popping up in my e-mail shortly thereafter. It looks like the company is determined to stay one step ahead of the game these days!

September’s box, the first in what I call the “Autumn Trio” (September/October/November) was inspired by/had the theme of: GLAMOROUS, EYE-CATCHING, INDULGENT, BOLD, TIMELESS and SARTORIAL. I had a feeling the “indulgent” part would be some sort of food (and I wasn’t wrong)– but I had no idea what POPSUGAR would include to fit the rest of the theme.

Let’s take a look at what I received!


I am always on the prowl for a good and deeply hydrating hair mask- and since the one I’ve been using as of late is nearly gone- I was really happy to see this conditioning mask from Briogeo in September’s “Must Have” box. At $36 a container, I know I’ll have to use this sparingly so it won’t be gone in a week or two- but I admit it’ll be difficult because this stuff smells SO good and so clean! Best of all? It’s free of harmful and color-damaging chemicals.

I can’t wait to give this mask a try!


I don’t have a gluten allergy so anything gluten-free isn’t really a big deal to me. As long as whatever I’m snacking on tastes good and not like chalk- I’m happy. Enter these dark chocolate and coconut bites from The Gluten Free Bar- which combine my two favorite flavors for a surprisingly yummy treat. These bites are low calorie and packed with protein- which means I don’t feel like I’m cheating on my diet/fitness regimen while I’m enjoying them (definitely a perk!)

I checked out some of the other flavors that are available through GFB’s website- and I have a feeling I’ll be ordering some more of their stuff real soon!



I was really into wide-brimmed beach hats this past Summer, but I wasn’t sure how to implement that new favorite accessory into my Fall wardrobe without it looking weird or lazily thrown together. Thankfully, Jack & Lucy (I couldn’t locate an official website for their company!) had me covered. I think this black, adjustable wool hat is my favorite item in September’s “Must Have” box. I’ve been wearing it non-stop: to work, out when I’m walking/taking photographs, dining with my friends. It’s so chic and pairs so well with my long sweaters, leggings and knee-high boots!

I’ll definitely be packing this in my bag when I fly out to Vegas next week!


Also getting packed in my suitcase next week? This retractable lint roller from Flint. My clothes are always a magnet for dog hair, fuzz, and pollen- so I’ll be toting this around with me everywhere I go from now on. I’m really liking how compact this roller is, but also that it’s refillable AND recyclable. It’s perfect for someone like me who wants to look spot-on wherever I go while remaining environmentally responsible.



I haven’t had a manicure in weeks (I’ve been trying to give my nails a break and strengthen them)– although I have a feeling I’ll be touching up my digits and my toes with a nice coat of a berry tone or an oxblood hue before I jet-set off to the West Coast next week. I plan on keeping this miniature manicure kit from ncLA close to me for those quick touch-ups and overall upkeep between salon visits, though. I think the carrying case is adorable- and the size of the tools is perfect for easy transport.



Forgive my semi-blotchy skin (thanks, PMS. You always know how to make an entrance)– but I couldn’t wait to try on and show off this bright and sparkly red lip gloss from Smith & Cult. Although the formula itself feels a little sticky/tacky at first- I’m loving the buildable color- which is a neat red/gold combination that looks really pretty by itself or layered over lipstick.

I’m in the process of starting my annual Fall clean-out of my old makeup and cosmetics- and I have a feeling this gloss is going to find a home in my bag for the Fall/Winter.

Overall- I loved September’s “Must Have” box. My favorite item was hands down the black wool hat- followed closely by the lip gloss and the hair mask. The value of each item surpassed what I spent on the box (and then some!) which is always pretty cool.

Bring on October!


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