Day Off Date!

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This past week has been the epitome of “May Grey” here in New England. Not a day has gone by where it hasn’t rained, and any appearances by the sun have been brief- mere minutes, really- before the dark clouds rolled back in again. It hasn’t been the pleasant, refreshing Summer rain, either- but rather the cold, miserable type that typically strikes in late Fall/early Winter.

It took it’s toll on me mid-last week, where I came down with a short but tough 24-48 hour cold that left me with a nasty headache, no voice, and having to call out of work to try and get some rest and fight a fever. I’m feeling much better now, thankfully- and just in time- since it seems the sun is ready to make a longer-lasting appearance this week.

I digress. When I was back on my feet I wanted to do something fun during my scheduled day off, rather than lay in bed bundled up in my blankets and waste it (which was awfully tempting, believe me!)– and I found myself out in Deerfield, Massachusetts- where I spent an afternoon at Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory and garden.

If you’ve got a fear of flying insects, this place probably isn’t for you- since about 4,000+ butterflies are fluttering around you (and landing on you) at any given moment- but I overcame my fear and had such a lovely time taking pictures and keeping warm in the conservatory’s greenhouse-like temperatures. I even got to witness some impromptu tortoise mating (the female ate a leaf during the whole depressing ordeal. Spirit animal? I think so.)

Below are some of my favorite shots I took, including one of the aforementioned tortoise mating (click any of the pics to enlarge!)

After leaving the conservatory, I made a quick stop at the Montague Bookmill for a coffee and to get out of the rain for a second time that afternoon. I haven’t been to the bookmill in a couple of years- not since Troy introduced me to it a while back during a Summer afternoon- but it still looks/feels exactly the same. I ended up curling up with a book about art history in one of the upstairs rooms before the shop closed and I eventually headed home. I’m pretty sure I’d live there if I could.



All in all, despite the rain- my day off was peaceful, serene, and relaxing- just what I needed after being sick for a couple of days. I actually have tomorrow off, as well- and will more than likely be back out exploring Western Massachusetts. People sometimes don’t believe me when I say the area is like something out of a storybook- but how can you look at the photos above and not think so?

I feel like Snow White whenever I’m out there!

‘Til next time!


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