Closet Crushes: C.K. in D.C.

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It’s been forever and a day since I’ve done a proper “Closet Crushes” post- mainly because my usual staples in Fall/Winter aren’t really worth blogging about- but also because it’s hard to find the time to properly photograph an ensemble with my often busy and packed schedule. It’s much easier and time-friendly for me to write about my monthly subscription boxes or bad horror movies than it is for me to jump in front of a camera and hope I’m not pulling an awful face when the timer goes off (spoiler alert: I’m ALWAYS pulling an awful face.)

I had some luck with my recent trip to Alexandria/Washington D.C., however- having loved my choice of dress (and shoes!) to attend a wedding so much that I knew I had to revisit the world of fashion blogging and share it.  There’s something about Spring and incorporating actual colors into my wardrobe that makes me feel flirty and fun- and I think this sky blue Calvin Klein sheath dress- bursting with blooming white flowers- really captures that.


I love how lightweight this dress is. It was classy enough for the church ceremony but loose-fitting and flowing enough where I could party at the reception and still be comfortable. The blue also compliments my red hair and fair skin- but it a pretty close match to my eye color, too.

When it came to shoes, I paired this dress with matching sky blue pointed toe heels (with a small heel- so that I could look fancy- not alarmingly taller than my date- and still move around!) and carried along a pair of nude flats in my bag in case my feet started to get a little sore as the night wore on. Thankfully, it wasn’t an issue.

I also carried along a white cardigan with me in case it got cold- which it most certainly did as the afternoon wore on. The cardigan did little to block the frigid temperatures as I was maneuvering to/from my rental car- and I owe my friend and date Duncan for being such a gentleman and wrapping his jacket around my shoulders more than once so I wouldn’t freeze to death!


Since I’ve given up on my hair being anything other than curly and huge at all times (flat-ironing it takes a little more than an hour, maybe two- and I didn’t have that time to spare while I was getting ready since I had to get moving!) I let it air dry after combing some coconut milk serum and mousse through it- and kept my makeup subtle- using soft pink eye shadow, rosy/nude lipstick, and minimal blush to round out my springtime look.

Overall, I loved this entire ensemble- and I have a couple of semi-formal events coming up in the Summer where I’ll be able to wear this again (I’m not one to wear an outfit only once!)



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