March 2016: In a Nutshell.

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Easter Sunday! 3/27/16

Good Morning, everyone! It’s almost Friday (and unfortunately it’s also almost April Fools Day, too. Work should be interesting tomorrow.)

But before I get into surviving a day full of pranks and what I have planned in the coming weeks- I have to bid farewell to the month of March- which was both busy and chaotic (in a good way) as I began my search for a new apartment, planned out a series of day trips and adventures for my days off from work, enjoyed a wonderful Easter dinner with my family at my mom’s house this past weekend- and got promoted to a new unit/position at my job! That’s right- my preliminary 90-day trial period is over and I’ve made the cut. I’m very excited to be moving into a new part of the office later on today and working with a whole new team- although I’m going to miss my daily geek-outs with my current crew!

Sure, they’re only a three-minute walk away from where I’m going to be- but it just won’t be the same!

While I get adjusted to my new office area and wait to hear back about the apartment I think I may have found (and fallen head over heels for) the other day- I’m preparing for an equally busy April. Next week, I’m making a 6+ hour drive to Washington D.C. and Alexandria (my ‘Walking Dead’ fanatic side is freaking out right now) to attend a wedding and spend the weekend with my dearest friend Duncan from San Diego- who is flying in on Friday night. I also have a couple of scheduled trips to NYC and Vermont coming up in April- so expect plenty of photos!

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have a few more recipe posts in April, too- and my first ‘Closet Crushes’ post in nearly a year! I’ll also have my yearly wrap-up of this season of ‘The Walking Dead’ following the finale this coming Sunday (NEGAAAAANNNN!) and some details on a giveaway I’m planning to celebrate the warmer seasons!

Here’s to March being the prelude to some amazing changes and adventures in April!

Easter Sunday. 3/27/16

Easter Sunday. 3/27/16 – Fruit Arrangement!

3/27/16. Easter Sunday! The PEEPS cake my niece made!

3/27/16. Easter Sunday! The PEEPS cake my niece made!


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