New Year in Nantucket.

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Good morning and Happy New Year, everyone! Although we’re only a couple of short days into 2016- I’m already having such a tremendous amount of fun. Last night was spent in the company of some of my closest and dearest friends at a delicious dinner in Rhode Island for our annual (but very belated!) Friendsgiving/Friends-Mas/Few-Beers-Eve party. It’s not often we can conveniently gather eighteen people in a room to have a sit-down meal together- but we pulled it off and I’m so glad we did! It was a wonderful way to wind down after a hectic holiday season.

Today I’m heading into work to kick off what is sure to be a busy and productive month at my job, but I wanted to share some photos from this past New Year’s Eve- where my best friend Sean and I traveled to Nantucket to ring in the New Year in dazzling style!

After nearly missing our 5 p.m. ferry (gotta’ love I-93 traffic jams)– Sean and I set sail on Thursday evening from Hyannis to the shores of Nantucket- and specifically- The Nantucket Hotel, where we had tickets to the resort’s ‘A Night to Remember’ ball to welcome the new year and an overnight reservation to stay in one of the hotel’s beautiful and spacious rooms.

From the moment Sean and I entered the hotel for the first time (a quick walk from the docks) the staff at the Nantucket Hotel were so friendly, accommodating, and fun. Everyone was in such high spirits and it was impossible not to smile and laugh right along with them.




The room itself- located in a separate wing away from the rest of the hotel- was perfect for Sean and I. It was quiet, cute, and had a big modern bathroom that the two of us didn’t have to fight over. The rubber ducky by the sink- and the handwritten card (with a little box of chocolate covered raisins!) that was waiting for us on one of the dressers was a nice touch, too.


I had been under the impression that the ball Sean and I were scheduled to attend following what would prove to be one of the most incredibly delicious dinners I’ve ever eaten in my almost thirty years on this Earth (I’m still craving the butternut bisque. I couldn’t get over it. I almost licked my bowl- that’s how good it was!)– was an early 1900’s themed gala. As it turned out- the evening was inspired by ‘Titanic’. From the White Star Line menu (and the little “Heart of the Ocean” necklace chocolates that were placed on our plates!) to the ballroom-turned-first class promenade deck, or the staff dressed to the nines in their best crew member and ship officer ensembles- to the actual movie ‘Titanic’ being projected on one of the exterior sides of the building- I was stunned and floored in the best way possible at how much effort and detail was put into every conceivable aspect of the evening. It was awe-inspiring.


And despite the mix-up with the night’s theme- Sean and I were thankfully still dressed quite dapper for the occasion, if I do say so myself! Special shout-out and thank you to Troy who surprised me by gifting me with the vintage cigarette holder I held onto all night. He saw it in an antique shop and thought it would go perfect with my outfit. I love it.





The ball was filled with folks in the most incredible costumes I’ve ever seen (I especially loved the guy who was walking around with a ‘RMS Titanic’ life preserver on), and the very talented and energetic live band that entertained us all with big band classics and modern favorites did not stop to rest until their final song shortly after 1 a.m. when the event was coming to a close. I danced, drank champagne, ate one-too-many macarons from the dessert buffet, hammed it up in the photo booth set up in one corner of the ballroom and swooned over Jack and Rose’s tragic romance as it graced screens all over the room until the final seconds of 2015 counted down- and into the confetti-covered wee morning hours of January 1st, 2016. (No, they didn’t flood the ballroom at the stroke of midnight to keep up with the theme of the evening.)

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I had the time of my life.



Sean and I, wanting to get a head start on our New Year’s Day- went to bed shortly after the event ended so that we could get up early enough to enjoy breakfast in the resort (which was also really, really good) and do a little exploring around Nantucket before we had to catch our ferry back to the mainland. Of course, with the area being a mostly Summer-friendly travel destination and the day being a holiday for most people- many businesses and restaurants were closed for the day/season. After stopping by the Brant Point lighthouse to take some photos and the docks for a brisk (and windy!) stroll- we were able to hang our hats and warm up with lattes at the Handlebar Cafe for a little while until we once again headed out to do some exploring.




After walking down a bike path that I hadn’t spotted during my last visit to Nantucket, Sean and I came across the above-pictured Quaker burial ground just as it was starting to lightly snow/drizzle on the island. Loving historical finds like this, I took a couple of photos of the moss-covered markers alongside the worn down fence before the two of us headed back downtown to charge our phones and grab an early dinner at The Bean (awesome sandwiches!) until we made our way over to the Steamship Authority to catch our ferry and head home.

I’m sometimes superstitious, and I remember hearing somewhere along the way that the manner in which you ring in the New Year and how you spend the first day of the year in terms of your attitude and ambitions is supposedly indicative to how the remainder of your year will be. If that is indeed true- then 2016 is looking pretty promising already. I had an absolute blast greeting it, and the first of the year was a relaxing, serene, peaceful and simply beautiful way to kick it off.

I’m so excited to see what else is in store for the comings days, weeks and months!



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