POPSUGAR Must Have Box: November 2015.

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The second subscription box review for the month of November comes courtesy of POPSUGAR, who’s ‘Must Have” box is quickly becoming my favorite assortment of items to receive (the third and final box for the month, Loot Crate, is currently en route to me!) I have to admit that this box arrived at a perfect time- since I’ve been trying to prepare for upcoming job interviews as well as Thanksgiving- and I have admittedly been getting a little frazzled in the process of staying organized and on top of things. To receive a box filled with fun things briefly took the edge off for a bit- which is always appreciated.


November’s box, in keeping up with the impending holiday- was inspired by the nicer aspects of Thanksgiving (as opposed to say, “FOOD COMAS” or “BLACK FRIDAY FIGHTS AT TARGET”, for example.) I had already received a couple of spoilers/hints via e-mail leading up to the collection shipping out- so I was eager to check everything out.

So, what did I receive?


For Thanksgiving this year, I’ll be heading to my mom’s house to gather with family and stuff my face, and while I normally help out around the kitchen and with serving her guests- this year I’m only obligated to bring myself. HOWEVER, I’ll be bringing along this jar of pecan honey mustard from Terrapin Ridge Farms to serve as a dipping sauce for her appetizers. I got curious and took a look at Terrapin Ridge Farms’ website to see what else they have available- and I think I’ve found quite a few things to order and gift to my foodie friends for Christmas.


I can never have enough candles- especially ones that come in packaging as lovely as this beautifully fresh fragranced one from Capri Blue. With a metallic tin that doubles as a jewelry box when the wax runs out and a lovely carved wooden lid- this candle has already found a spot in my bedroom. I received “Rain”, which is scented in the way you’d probably expect- clean, crisp, and refreshing. I’m a big fan.



I’ve been preparing to go through my annual End-of-the-Year makeup clean-out in the coming days- which is where I do an inventory of cosmetics I own that are either empty of almost expired and go about throwing them out and/or replacing them. I know for a fact that a neutral eye shadow palette I’ve owned and loved since the Spring is almost gone (I’ve been scraping my brush along the edges of the container in a desperate attempt to salvage any remaining color) so this “Beauty & the Box” shadow quad from Tarte– which features two shimmery tones and two matte tones for easy blending- is a life saver.

I’ve been wearing these pigmented and long-lasting colors every day for the better part of a week now- and I’m completely smitten with them!


Late November and the entire month of December is all about sparkling to me. My jewelry, my clothing, and my makeup- I like to look and feel as festive as the scenery around me in beautiful New England this time of year. November’s “Must Have” box included a high valued item ($56!) in the form of this gorgeous crystal headband from Deepa Gurnani. I’m really looking forward to wearing this with my holiday ensembles around the party and celebration circuit this season.


I’ve never been much of a bingo player, but I have to admit I liked the look of this modernized (and very chic) set from West Emory. I have an Aunt- a frequent attendee at local bingo nights- who would absolutely love this set. I’ll be seeing her at Thanksgiving next week- and I think she’ll really appreciate this and get a lot more use out of it than I will!


November has, to date- been pretty stressful at times for me- which can really be said about 2015 in general (but I’ll get to that in my year-end wrap-up post next month.) Even still, I have a lot to be thankful for- and I’ve already been writing down my gratitude to family and friends on these really beautiful postcards from Gramr Gratitude Co. Each one features a gorgeous print with a word of thanks on the front. I love receiving mail- especially handwritten letters and postcards- so I’ve been enjoying repaying the favor to some of those I hold nearest and dearest to me.


Finally, the add-on bonuses in November’s “Must Have” box- all of which will be coming in handy this holiday season. I received a coupon for $15 off of a Gramr subscription (monthly deliveries of postcards!) and 20% off of a future purchase at Capri Blue. Considering how much I am loving the “Rain” candle- I think I’ll be picking up a couple more for myself and friends this Christmas.

The last add-on bonus was a $20 gift card to inkdot.com– which I’m going to be using for a canvas print I’ve been planning on creating for a family member in the coming weeks. I’m really excited to have it done and done well- but still be able to save some money on it!

As usual, POPSUGAR didn’t disappoint this month. I love that I can get so much use out of the things they send me- and the stuff I give to others make such wonderful and beautiful gifts.

I’m really looking forward to December’s box- which will be my first holiday one since subscribing with the service earlier this Summer. I have a feeling it’s going to be really impressive!


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