POPSUGAR Must Have Box: October 2015.

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I know that in the past I’ve said that Loot Crate is my favorite subscription service that I pay for, but in the couple of months that I’ve been subscribed the POPSUGAR’s monthly “Must Have” box- it’s definitely creeping up on the competition. I love the themes and monthly inspiration, how everything is carefully selected and packed, the variety of what’s inside the box- and the value. I get food, home decor, accessories, beauty products, jewelry and so much more. It’s an incredible find that I look forward to each and every month!

October’s box was inspired by Autumn (yes!) being cozy and restful nights (double yes!) irresistible, and breast cancer awareness (the entire month of October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month, for those who didn’t know!) As it turns out, via a card tucked inside this month’s assortment of items- POPSUGAR made a charitable donation to Right Action for Women (also known as the Christina Applegate Foundation), which I thought was fantastic- and I’ll be making an independent donation of my own before the month is over.

Let’s see what was inside, shall we?


I was so, so, SO excited to receive a hardcover copy of Mindy Kaling’s “Why Not Me?” and I absolutely cannot wait to start reading it this week. I think Mindy is so talented, so funny, and unbelievably inspirational- and this book of her personal essays that cover a variety of thoughts and topics is sure to be a page-turner that I’ll read cover to cover in no time at all. Just give me a rainy day and a warm cup of coffee and I’ll immerse myself in this!


I love the “cozy” items included in October’s POPSUGAR box. The first, a set of 100% satin pillowcases from Savvy Sleepers. I’ve heard a lot of great things about these pillowcases, like how their material prevents wrinkles and hair damage while you sleep (because satin doesn’t roughly rub up against your skin and hair like some other fabrics.) I’m going to be washing and changing my sheets and bedding this coming weekend- so these are going to get some use for sure!

And I am THRILLED with these soft, fuzzy slipper socks from Richer Poorer! I wear socks like these on my lazy days around my place or on nights where it’s cold under my covers. They’re just so comfortable- and cute!


I love that POPSUGAR includes one or two food/beverage items in each box, since it sort of opens doors to brands and foods I wouldn’t have discovered or would have thought to try otherwise. I haven’t bitten into these caramel-filled waffle cones from Belgian Boys yet (they’ll be packed in my lunch for work this week)– but they look delicious.

I also took a peek at some of the company’s other products available on their website- and it all looks ridiculously tasty!


I’m not a big wine drinker, but I thought these four individual paper wine bags from Easy, Tiger were pretty cute- and I’ve already gifted them to my brother and my sister-in-law who will surely get more use out of them than I would! The company makes more than just liquor bags, too- and I’ve been coveting some of their uniquely styled greeting cards and comfy-looking t-shirts while browsing their website!


I am a compulsive exfoliator- I go through facial and body scrubs on a bi-weekly basis- so I was pretty psyched to get this full-sized tub of a relaxing lavender & vanilla scented sea salt and sugar scrub from The Honest Company. I’m looking forward to working this stuff into the dry patches on my knees and elbows the next time I take a nice, hot soak in my tub. It’s going to be divine!

And I can never have enough leave-in conditioner- so the deluxe sample-sized one from It’s A 10 is always welcome on my bathroom vanity! I’m currently finishing up a couple of other conditioning products I’ve received in recent beauty/subscription boxes- but this one is next on my list to try when I run out of them!


And finally, POPSUGAR also gives out some really impressive coupons each month! October’s box (the photo was edited to white out the promo codes) included a 20% coupon for Savvy Sleepers- for when I’m ready to order more pillowcases- a 30% off coupon for The Honest Company, and a $40 gift card for Danielle Stevens Jewelry! I am head over heels in love with their monogrammed necklaces and I will definitely be using this generous bonus to purchase one of my own in the coming weeks!

Overall- and it should come as no surprise to anyone- I LOVED October’s POPSUGAR box! Each item included was wonderful and thoughtful and I can’t wait to dive right into using and trying them!

I cannot wait to see what’s in store for November!


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