2Spoopy: A Halloween Giveaway!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeaaaar! No, not Christmas (I don’t even want to think about that right now)– It’s almost Halloween, everyone- and it must be celebrated accordingly! Like last year, I wanted to put together a little giveaway for readers of Legally Redhead to get into the spooky- I mean “spoopy”- spirit!

Also like last year? This giveaway isn’t limited to just residents of the United States. Since I’ll be taking care of the postage and any applicable shipping fees myself- I wanted to include everyone! If you’re outside the U.S., don’t fret- I’ve got your back! All you have to do is enter and cross your fingers.

But before I get into how exactly to enter the drawing for this prize pack- I wanted to show what’s included, first:


It’s no surprise to anyone that I’m an avid collector of FUNKO’s adorable POP! figurines (so much that I’m running out of places to display them!) but picking just one out of the numerous horror-themed collectibles they have available proved to be a bit difficult this time around. That’s why this year, instead of selecting just one to include in this giveaway- I’ve chosen a set of three mini-figurines for the lucky winner! This particular set includes Ghost Face from ‘Scream’, Chucky from ‘Child’s Play’, and Billy from the ‘Saw’ movies. You can leave them in the box they’ll arrive in, or display them around your space however you wish!


A spoop-tacular All Hallows’ Eve isn’t quite complete without some horror movies by candlelight- and it’s just an added bonus if those candles happen to smell nice. Included in this year’s Halloween Giveaway is this medium sized ‘Trick or Treat’ Yankee Candle– which smells like a combination of their candy corn and buttercream fragrances (so it’s a sweet and rich combination!) 


I wanted to pay homage to the late and great Wes Craven in this year’s giveaway, and I thought this ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Collection Blu-Ray was the perfect way to do that. Featuring all 7 original ‘Nightmare’ films in one convenient package- this is the perfect series to binge watch on Halloween night with your friends (or alone, if you’re feeling brave.)


Finally, for the relaxing bath-lovers in all of us, I included this “Heebie Jeebie!” Bat set from Lush. What’s inside this cute round ball with fangs, you might be asking? Well, this set contains a 2.0 ounce bottle of Lush’s ‘Lord of Misrule’ shower gel, and a 3.5 ounce tub of their ‘Nightwing’ shower jelly (I didn’t photograph the contents of the bat since I didn’t want to break the safety seal around the packaging- but they can be viewed on Lush’s website for anyone who is curious!)

I’ll also be adding a couple of other small surprises for the winner, too- including but not limited to plenty of candy!

Now, the most important part- how does this giveaway work?

Here’s a couple of ground rules:

The giveaway is running from now through 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, October 21st, after which time a winner will be selected at random through Rafflecopter and contacted directly via e-mail to obtain additional information to process shipping. If selected, you’ll have 72 hours to respond to the confirmation e-mail. If I don’t receive a response in that time, I’ll unfortunately have to select another winner, instead!

Nothing in this giveaway can be traded or swapped for something else. What you see is what you’ll be receiving if you win!


First and foremost- please visit the Rafflecopter page for the giveaway by CLICKING HERE to make sure your entry is properly counted!

1. Comment on this post with your name and e-mail address. Please keep in mind that I have comment moderation turned on to avoid spambots- so if your comment doesn’t appear right away- don’t panic! I’ll put it through as soon as I’m able!

2. You can tweet about the giveaway and link back directly to this post or to my homepage: legallyredhead.com

That’s all there is to it! Just two simple steps and you’re in!

Good luck to everyone who enters! I’m really looking forward to choosing a winner next week!


21 thoughts on “2Spoopy: A Halloween Giveaway!

  1. This giveaway is awesome. It’s almost 2spoopy4me to believe that you can give away such great items. 🙂



  2. Sorry for the double post. It messed up when I tried to comment the first time and I thought it didn’t post correctly. You can delete one of them if you’d like!

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