September 2015: In a Nutshell.

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I take my apple picking very seriously.

If you’ve been reading ‘Legally Redhead’ for any good length of time, then you surely must know by now that October is hands down my favorite month out of the entire year. The New England weather, watching scary movies (the good AND the bad ones,) the return of ‘The Walking Dead’, haunted hay rides, houses and corn mazes, Halloween- and so much more! October has it all for me- and this coming one is looking to be one of the best and busiest yet!

For starters, I’m going to be doing a LOT of traveling in the coming weeks- including stops in Vermont, Las Vegas, San Diego, and NYC- just to name a few. I’ll also be doing some long overdue urban exploration shoots, cooking up some festive Fall-food, attending a couple of weddings, suffering through the worst scary movies Netflix has to offer for my annual ‘Horrors of Netflix’ series, and preparing for the long-awaited return of my main squeeze of the post-apocalypse, Daryl Dixon (and my flawless Queen, Michonne!)

I’m also in the process of putting the finishing touches on this year’s Halloween Giveaway! The details are going to be up very soon, but I can confidently tell you all that it’s going to be another good one! I’m very pleased with it so far!

But as excited and as eager as I am to lunge into the coming month, I must, of course- reflect on the relaxing transition from Summer to Fall that was this past September. When I was younger, September was almost always a hectic month for my friends and for myself. Returning to school, trying to adjust to a new schedule while shifting out of the late Summer nights mindset, and re-arranging my closet and shoe collection to keep up with the changing temperatures that would vary between unbearably hot and then ridiculously frigid- sometimes within the same day. It could get stressful at times- which is why I’m so thankful that I can just sit back and enjoy the Fall Equinox these days without the distraction of classes or homework. The varying and indecisive New England temperatures, however- will forever be a hassle.

I spent a good amount of September outdoors: enjoying the last lazy days at the beach, late afternoons hiking in the forest, picking apples at a local orchard, and more recently- watching the Super Blood Moon eclipse! I’m looking forward to doing more of that (and then some) in the coming weeks now that the leaves are starting to change colors. When I wasn’t outdoors, I was experimenting in the kitchen and putting in some overtime at the office. I also anticipate doing more of those things in October, too- but I don’t mind. I can’t have “Legally Redhead” without actively participating in the “legal” end of it, right?

So here is one final and fond farewell to September 2015, which was low-key and lovely- the perfect combination to prepare me for the coming craziness of October!

The blood moon eclipse- viewed from my backyard!

The blood moon eclipse- viewed from my backyard!


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