POPSUGAR Must Have Box: September 2015.

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Having been so completely impressed and pleased with August’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box, my first with the service, I was practically pacing the floor while awaiting the arrival of my September one. I already knew one of the products that was going to be included this month thanks to the e-mailed spoiler POPSUGAR sent out to subscribers near the end of August, but the rest was a mystery!

September’s theme/inspiration, also revealed near the end of last month- contained items centered around ‘Fashion Fix/Travel/Refresh/Beauty Recovery’. With a Vegas and San Diego trip planned for mid-October- I was especially excited to see what fit into the ‘travel’ aspect of this month’s assortment of products. Whatever can make my packing and/or time spent in the airport easier and less stressful is always a welcomed treat.


Oh, hello again, Briogeo’s Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray! The last time our paths crossed was in my May Ipsy bag– and I had taken quite a liking to a sample of you that I’d received! Coincidentally enough, I had said I would *definitely* purchase a full-sized bottle in the future- and now I don’t have to since POPSUGAR was nice enough to send me one! This conditioning spray is just as lovely as ever (and just as strongly fragranced- but I don’t mind!) and I’ve been using it daily with another styling product over the past few days to protect my color-treated curls and keep my hair soft and shiny.


I’ve been doing an “au naturel” look with my nails lately, which is just a fancier way of saying that I haven’t been able to find the time to get a proper manicure for a couple of weeks now so my fingertips are looking a little rugged. Even with a fresh coat of polish, my cuticles are in need of more than a little TLC these days. I was really happy to see this cuticle oil- in the cutest little dropper bottle- from NCLA in September’s box (retail value of $18) because I know it’ll come in handy when I finally sit down to give my digits the attention and affection they deserve!


I love that POPSUGAR includes at least one food/beverage item in each month’s box. This month, it was this slightly-sweetened almond & dried cherry mix from Nourish Snacks. These are great to keep in your bag for travel since they’re a much healthier (and tastier) alternative to a bag of potato chips, cookies or any other regrettable temptation. Nourish Snacks also has a bunch of other varieties available at their website- all of which look pretty good!



The item I knew I’d be receiving this month was the ‘Brow Envy: Brow Shaping and Defining Kit’ from Too Faced (a $39 value!) My brows have always-thankfully- had a natural high arch and decent thickness to them, so having to maintain and shape them every day as part of my makeup regimen was never really a concern for me- but I feel like this will come in handy in those days between waxings when I need to keep bushy-ness at bay. The kit comes with two brow powders, brushes, tweezers, stencils, instructions for the stencils, a highlighter- and setting wax- all packaged nice and neat. It’s convenient for travel or for simply keeping on hand at home.


I was really happy to see these travel cases (one TSA-friendly clear pouch and two black & white patterned drawstring bags) from Hudson + Bleecker in September’s box. During my last mini-vacation to the West Coast, my usual toiletries pouch was all but destroyed after an impromptu inspection by the TSA in Logan Airport and I haven’t had a chance to replace it. With not one- but three flights scheduled within a few short weeks- I think these bags are really going to make my packing 100x easier. I’m hoping that TSA is gentler with these then they were with my last ones- especially because these are of much higher quality!



My favorite item in September’s POPSUGAR box had to be these XO stud earrings from Kris Nations ($35 value.) I’ve been starting to gravitate towards smaller earrings after years of wearing dramatic dangling ones or chandelier styles (especially in the Fall and Winter when they can easily get snagged on sweaters! Ouch!) and these are perfect transition pieces. Plated in 14K gold, the earrings are subtle, lightweight, and so, so cute.  I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of these. Also? They’re packaged so simple- but it’s still beautiful and unique at the same time!



Finally, the coveted coupons. September’s POPSUGAR box included two 20% coupons for Kris Nations and Too Faced. I’ll be using both since I’m a big fan of both brands (I’ve been eyeing the Massachusetts state pride necklace at Kris Nations for a couple of days now- and I think now is a good time to order it!)

I also received two $10 coupons for anyone looking to subscribe to POPSUGAR’s Must Have Box. Each card has a unique code printed on the back to give you the $10 discount on your very first box!

Overall, September’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box was another wildly successful one for me. The total retail value of the products included surpassed $150- and each item was carefully selected to go hand-in-hand with the listed theme/inspirations. I really loved everything- and I can’t wait to see what’s coming in October!

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