Loot Crate: June 2015.

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The second subscription box to arrive at my door this month was my personal favorite- Loot Crate! This month’s theme, “CYBER,” was perfectly timed with July 1st’s release of the new ‘Terminator’ movie (which I will absolutely be seeing since I’m a sucker for the franchise,) and the box included multiple collectibles, t-shirts, and gifts I will be passing onto friends.

Let me show you what I received!


Up first are the usual items- my monthly collector’s pin and mini-magazine. June’s issue featured a pretty great interview with Sam Esmail, who is the creator and executive producer of USA’s upcoming hacker drama, “Mr. Robot” (I’ve seen advertisements all over the place recently and it looks really interesting!) and a Q&A with one of my celebrity crushes, Zachary Levi- among puzzles, subscriber photos, and item break-downs. I think the “CYBER” mini-magazine may have been one of my most favorites to flip though!


The first, most noticeable item in June’s Loot Crate was this 1/2 scale replica of the Terminator endo skull. I really loved the “Terminator” movies as a kid, and have toughed it through the more recent films that have made the story more convoluted than necessary (I believe in seeing things through to the end once you start them!) but I thought this replica was pretty neat and incredibly detailed. I’m sure I can find a spot for it somewhere!


I get pouches every month with my Ipsy subscription, and they’ve always proven to be useful in storing makeup, money, odds and ends, etc.- but none of those pouches have ever been glow-in-the-dark before, so right away I liked this circuit patterned bag. I’ve already found a use for it in my bathroom where it’s currently holding some of my smaller toiletries and beauty samples.

I haven’t worn patches on my clothing or bags in a long time, so this Future Replicant Corporate Logo patch might not necessarily find a permanent place with me, but I’d love to pass it along to someone who would have a use for it! It’s a decent size and looks pretty bad ass.


The second “Terminator” related collectible in June’s Loot Crate was this brain chip key chain. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I collect key chains- from when I travel, or from different movies and television shows- so this fit very nicely with the collection I’ve built so far. I actually love this so much that I think it’s going to find a home on my current key ring with my car and office keys. It’s definitely a conversation piece.


While I do play some computer games from time to time, they don’t require an external mouse- so I don’t think I have a need for this 10″ x 12″ Borderlands gaming pad anytime soon. It’s good quality, and the description in the mini-mag says it’s designed to improve precision and responsiveness of your mouse movements during game play, so I’ll be passing this along to one of my gamer friends to use!


Summer is here, which means it’s water gun and NERF weapon season for those of us who never quite grew out of that aspect of our childhood. What better way to prepare yourself than by getting some aiming/firing practice with these Battlestar Galactica target posters? Simply tape or tack these to the wall, load up your NERF gun (or in my case, your NERF crossbow,) and perfect your shot so that you can decimate your friends when the time is right and they least expect it.


San Diego Comic-Con is swiftly approaching, and as attendees prepare their costumes or comfortable walking shoes and studios and vendors prepare to showcase their upcoming work- those of us who can’t make it this year can still live vicariously through panel feeds or social media posts- and with little gifts like these stickers from Nerd HQ. I plan on sharing these with my niece, since there are a couple on the sheet that I like!


The last item in June’s “CYBER” crate was this fitted Optimus Prime t-shirt. Loot Crate shirts are hit or miss for me in terms of whether or not I’d wear them outside the house. Despite every shirt I’ve received being soft and comfortable- sometimes the designs aren’t exactly my style and for that reason I reserve them for sleepwear or when I’m just lounging around. I actually love the retro look of this shirt and would happily wear this out and about. I’m more of a Megatron fan, personally- but this will do nicely.

Overall, I really enjoyed the “CYBER” crate. There was a great assortment of items that fit the theme nicely and quite a few things I’ll be keeping/using! My favorite things were by far the “Terminator” collectibles, and they have me all pumped up to see the new movie this coming week!

July’s theme, recently revealed to be a sequel to the “HEROES” crate- will hopefully be as fun as this month’s was!

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