Established 1635.

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Despite enjoying driving pretty much all over- especially in the warmer months- I haven’t been around Concord, Massachusetts in nearly several years. The last time I was there, with friends and under the most unusual of circumstances- I fell in love with how picturesque the community was. With beautiful homes, museums and old cemeteries bursting with interesting history, unique shop fronts and restaurants- it’s a charming part of New England that I found myself passing through again last weekend.

Luckily, I had my camera in tow and managed to stop to snap a few photographs while I took an hour to stroll around the downtown area and some surrounding trails before I had to be on my way.




One thing I noticed about Concord during my brief time there was that there were a handful of old inns still open and operating just a short walking distance away from the busier parts of town, which inspired me to take a weekend- maybe later this Summer or early in the Fall- to do some more exploring and enjoy a nice, relaxing mini-getaway like I had when I traveled to Liberty, New York last month.

We’ll see how it turns out!



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