Ipsy Bag: April 2015 Review.

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I started this review while I took a break from packing my bag for a weekend away in beautiful Bethel, New York- where I channeled my inner flower child and embraced nature and the very rustic culture in the Catskills for a couple of days. It seemed fitting, then, that April’s Ipsy Bag was themed “Beautifully Bohemian” and came in a bright, hippie-esque woven pouch. Consisting mostly of makeup, I ended up packing some of the items to take with me on my trip to try out on the road.

My post-Bethel write-up (with plenty of photos!) is coming up shortly- but first- let’s get to the products!

What I Received:

theBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single in “Fit”

Gallany Cosmetics Lipstick in “Petal”

Hey Honey Good Morning – Honey Silk Facial Serum

JulieG Nail Color in “Damsel” (*Full Size!*)

Mullein & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek Tint




Product # 1: theBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single in “Fit” ($36 for palette)

I’m a sucker for clever and cute packaging (which is partly why I love “Soap & Glory” products so much,) so when I saw the half-naked cartoon male models used in theBalm’s “NUDE Dude” palette, I was amused and nearly sold. There are twelve colors total in the palette- two per dude- and I received the shade “Fit,” which is a shimmery gold tone. Of course, as funny as the packaging was/is- I’m all about quality- so I gave this shadow a test run to see if it held up.

“Fit” applied smoothly and with very little fallout, and was pigmented enough where just a couple of sweeps over my lids gave me a bold, noticeable pop of color that I think will look really great come Summertime when I pair it with some bronzer and brighter lipsticks and glosses. Best of all? The shadow didn’t budge. It stayed in place all day and well into the evening without flaking, smudging, or creasing. I was thrilled!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! If the other shades in the “NUDE Dude” palette are half as great as the shade “Fit” was, I’ll happily splurge on it in a heartbeat. I’ve already gushed about the packaging, but the product itself was great in quality, coverage, and longevity. I was so pleased with this sample and grateful I got to try it out!



Product # 2: Gallany Cosmetics Lipstick in “Petal” ($21.50)

After I got done angrily screaming into a pillow at the fact that I received another rose-hued lipstick from Ipsy, I sucked up my frustration and tried this creamy and highly pigmented formula for the sake of reviewing purposes. The bland and boring color aside, which applied as a deep mauve- this product was comfortable and non-drying on my lips, and didn’t require a touch-up or reapplication for hours- even after eating and drinking. Those perks alone were enough to convince me to explore more of what Gallany has to offer.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I don’t think I’d re-purchase “Petal” again, since I’m so over this type of color and have been for months now- but I really liked the formula of this lipstick and I’m not opposed to trying some of the other available shades. I’d personally like something a little more coral-toned for the Summer.


Product # 3: Hey Honey Good Morning – Honey Silk Facial Serum ($41)

For something with the word “honey” in it’s name more than once, I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the lack of honey-like fragrance in this product (especially because I love the scent so much!) I digress, this lightweight serum- which really only shares the same color as it’s namesake- absorbed into my skin quickly and left it feeling soft and hydrated prior to my makeup application. Overall, however- I wasn’t really all that impressed with this product. Even after days of continuous and diligent use- my skin’s texture and tone didn’t particularly look and feel much different or improved. This serum was a nice way to start the day’s skincare, and acted as a great primer for my foundation and blush- but for $41 for a full-sized container- I’d like visible and long-lasting results.

Would I Purchase?: No. It’s not that this serum was awful or anything, but it lacked the “wow!” factor that would make me want to rush out and purchase more of it.  I liked the consistency, I liked that there were no adverse reactions after I applied it, but it wasn’t an extraordinary product for me- and I’ve achieved similar, if not better results with my every day skincare regimen and other samples I’ve received in past bags and through other subscription services. This product was just “okay.”



Product # 4: JulieG Nail Color in “Damsel” ($3.99)

I feel like I need to apologize- profusely- for how ghastly my nails look in the above photo. I haven’t had time to sit down for a proper manicure in a couple of weeks now, so the above D.I.Y. job is pretty offensive to look at. I’m so sorry!

Anyway, I really loved this bright pink polish when I first saw it. I thought it would be perfect for the Spring/Summer, and it was a nice change from the usual pale pinks I receive in subscription services. I was especially pleased with how rich the cream formula was. I got full coverage with just one coat (as depicted above,) and a beautiful shine- even before I applied a top coat! I’ve been sporting “Damsel” for a few days now, and there hasn’t been any chipping or peeling yet. For $3.99 a bottle- that’s pretty impressive!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This brand/formula is actually available in a chain of local drugstores in my area. I really loved this color, the long-lasting and strong formula- and of course, the price- so I fully plan on repurchasing “Damsel” once I run out- as well as a bunch of the other available colors, too!


Product # 5: Mullein & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek Tint ($10)

I did a double-take when I first laid eyes on this deep plum cheek and lip tint from Mullein & Sparrow. I’m pale- super pale- and I was worried this product would look really, really harsh on my skin if I tried to use it as a blush. I ran my finger across the top just to get an idea of the texture (which felt like a balm) and pigmentation- and was a little surprised when the color barely showed up on my fingertip. It took multiple swabs to get the product to be even the slightest bit visible on my skin- and the results didn’t vary much when I worked up the nerve to apply it to the apples of my cheeks as a comparison. This tint just did NOT show up on me.

I tried using it on my lips, as well- and while it softened my pout- I encountered the same problem in terms of color. This product was pretty much transparent on me. I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t want something that was too bold to wear- but I wasn’t expecting something that was practically invisible, either.

Would I Purchase?: No. I will use the remainder of this tin (which is cute, by the way,) as a clear-ish balm on my lips for quick hydration- but this product was pretty much a dud in terms of it’s intended purpose. I’ll stick with my more pigmented powder blushers, thanks!

With three out of the five products I received being hits- April’s “Beautifully Bohemian” bag was a good one for me! The serum and the cheek and lip tint were forgettable- although not outright awful- but I am completely smitten with the eye shadow, the nail lacquer, and the lipstick formula. While I love a nice assortment of products that cover skin care, makeup, hair care, etc.- I thought this bag was a nice way to introduce me to some makeup products and brands I otherwise may not have known about! Especially since I’m always refreshing my collection for the coming seasons.

Bring on May’s bag!


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