Notes of Spring…

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Firstly- it is absolutely GORGEOUS out today! It’s cool, but not cold- sunny with only a few clouds scattered throughout the sky- and there is absolutely NO snow to be found anywhere! I’d nearly forgotten what grass looked like until now. I had my car windows down earlier this morning when I stepped out to run some errands, and on the road I saw more than one person savoring this beautiful day on their motorcycle.

It’s official- Spring is finally, FINALLY– here! No question about it- unless we get another freak snowstorm or something.

We made it through, New England!

Not that I haven’t been ready for it for weeks now. A peek into some of my entries from January through February, and even throughout March- showed (plenty of times) that I was so over and done with winter, to the point where I just wanted to bundle myself up in blankets and hibernate- and that I was more than ready to enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine.

Since a short time before Easter I’ve been adorning my home with fresh flowers and embracing the pastels in my wardrobe, storing away my heavy coats and dark colored shirts and sweaters until the end of the year. My makeup collection has even received a Spring makeover (I’ll write about that soon,) which has me looking fresh-faced and bright as of late.

I’m heading out with some friends to enjoy the remainder of this lovely weekend, and on Monday morning- I’ll be selecting a winner of my “Is It Summer Yet?” Giveaway. There’s still a few more hours to enter if you haven’t done so already!

‘Til next time!



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