March 2015: In a Nutshell.

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NYC - March 2015.

NYC – March 2015.

Good evening (in my time zone, anyway!)

I’m so used to publishing posts in the morning during the weekdays that writing this so late in the afternoon feels a bit unfamiliar to me! I’ve been incredibly busy at work (which is a good thing,) and enjoying a touch of warmer weather as much as I can. I actually have a window open as I type this, and while it’s by no means beach weather quite just yet- it still feels really refreshing!

Winter has been putting up quite a fight on it’s way out the door. This past month, on more than one occasion here in New England- we’ve seen snow dustings blanket the area- only to be melted away within hours when the sun finally came out through the clouds to wrestle back it’s control of the sky. The forecast for the week ahead is showing a steady rise in temperatures and no snow on the horizon- so here’s hoping April will be more mild!

Unpredictable weather, a battle with a flu (and then a sinus infection- ugh!) and some non-stop Spring tidying aside- March was a really fun and productive month for me. I did a little bit of weekend traveling, teamed up with the good folks over at Rocksbox for a great promotion, and just recently put up my Summer-themed giveaway (which I’ll link to again below!) I’m also a few weeks into my Springtime diet and fitness regimen- and wow– I’m already noticing such a big difference. I look and feel so much better than I did, say, near the end of last year- for example. I’m sure I’ll be doing more posts pertaining to it in the near future- be it exercise routines, healthy recipes, or even a “Day In The Life” type of post. We’ll see!

With tomorrow being April 1st (and also “Stay Off The Internet Day” for those of us who typically fall prey to April Fools jokes, fabricated news stories, and the like,) I’ve been plotting out my plans, goals, and posts for the upcoming month. I’m hoping to spend a weekend in one of my favorite spots in Upstate New York in a couple of weeks since I haven’t been there in years and have been pining to go back- and I’ve stumbled on an incredible abandoned location a couple of hours away in Connecticut that I’m  hoping to photograph now that the snow isn’t obstructing my view of anything and everything quite as much anymore!

Over the next few days, I’ll have my review of my March GlossyBox up- as well as my breakdown of the recently completed and absolutely wild fifth season of “The Walking Dead” (“RICK. DO IT.”)– which is always so much fun to write.

Until then, there’s still time to enter my “Is It Summer Yet?” Giveaway- so be sure to check it out!


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Bring on April!

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