February 2015: In a Nutshell.

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Standing by the snowbank (taller than me!) outside my mom’s house. 2/26/15

I won’t deny that I’m thrilled March is here, because with March comes Spring- and with Spring comes warmer weather- and with warmer weather comes the snow we were pretty much buried in throughout February finally melting once and for all. It’s going to be so, so wonderful to see the grass and the flowers blooming again. It feels like it’s been ages since Snowpocalypse’15 started when in actuality it’s only been a few weeks!

I truly can’t remember the last time I saw so much snow here in Massachusetts. The storms came so often and so relentlessly that I missed more time from work in five weeks than I have over the span of the nearly five years I’ve been working at the firm- and the state was shut down a staggering amount of times while road and emergency crews rushed to clear roads, walkways, rail tracks- and keep the power on for residents across Mass.

With most of February being spent shoveling or confined to the indoors to bundle up and keep warm, it was easy to lose my motivation at times. There’s something about temperatures dipping into the negatives on an almost daily basis that just sucks the life and the will to go on out of a person. I was unapologetically lazy this past month. I think a lot of people were- but with warmer days on the horizon- I can feel my energy slowly but surely coming back to me.

In March, I’m going to get back into gear- kicking off the month with a big dinner with some of my friends. I have a little bit of travel planned, some more posts and collaborations ready to be published here on the blog (as well as a bit of scheduled maintenance )– and a really fun giveaway I’m nearly finished putting together!

I’ll have the details soon!


I can't wait to take my parking spot at work back from Mother Nature! Taken a couple of days ago.

I can’t wait to take my parking spot at work back from Mother Nature! Picture taken a couple of days ago.

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