The Morgan Library

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This past weekend, I found myself in NYC for a couple of hours. It was pouring out in the city- damp, frigid and pretty miserable- and I ended up ducking into The Morgan Library and Museum on Madison Avenue for a short period of time to dry off, warm up, and browse Pierpont Morgan’s private library and study. I couldn’t resist snapping some photos (without flash, of course,) of the collection- because the rooms were just so gorgeous and awe-inspiring. I wound up slowly walking from shelf to shelf- exhibit to exhibit- staring through the glass at rare books and artifacts that had been accumulated over the years.









Admission to The Morgan Library was $18 (for adult entry) and I recommend it for anyone who wants a quiet and quaint museum experience for a couple of hours while they’re in New York- with or without a torrential downpour outside.

Afterwards, prior to catching my train, I made a quick-stop a couple blocks down and around the corner at Black Shack Burger to grab a bite to eat- and although the service left a lot to be desired (the guy at the counter obviously wanted to be anywhere but there and seemed kind of irritated while I was doing a speedy browse of the menu-) the food was really, really, REALLY good. I liked the atmosphere of the place, too, which felt like an underground punk rock club with all the gig posters I saw tacked up by where I had sat down. I’d definitely stop by again- and hopefully the employees are in better spirits when I do.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a rainy, chilly Sunday- although next time I’ll be sure to bring or buy an umbrella.



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