A Bewitching New Year’s…

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My cardio for the new year!

For the past few years, I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in NYC- dining, drinking, and dancing- until the wee morning hours of New Year’s Day. It’s become a tradition for some of my friends and I, and something I look forward to every year as the holidays approach. Bidding farewell to one year while welcoming an entirely new one surrounded by people, some strangers, can be a simply magical experience (and worth the mild hangover I’ve occasionally incurred in the process.)

To ring in 2015, however- I wanted to do something different- something quiet, low-key, and relaxing. That’s not to say I’m done with parties in one of my favorite cities in the world- but I think it’s important to break from certain traditions from time to time to try and experience new things. For this New Year’s Eve, Troy and I headed to The Salem Inn, a cozy bed and breakfast located in historic Salem, Massachusetts. We reserved the honeymoon suite on the top floor of the main building, the Captain West House (built in 1834,) to count down to midnight by a beautiful fireplace and toast with the bottle of champagne that was provided to us (as well as a box of chocolates!)




Found this on my camera, so this image is courtesy of Troy!

Our room (and the entire inn, really) was beautiful and immaculate. With a warm fire and a soak in the Jacuzzi tub that was in an attached room of it’s own, I could have easily fallen asleep well before midnight with how relaxed I was. Troy and I toughed it out, though- tuning into Anderson Cooper and CNN to watch the ball drop while we enjoyed a little bit of bubbly before we turned in for the night. It was a lovely, peaceful, romantic evening- just what I needed.

Yesterday, after (reluctantly) checking out of our room, the two of us headed out onto the frigid streets of Salem to try to find a decent breakfast. Right around the corner from the inn was the Gulu-Gulu Café on Essex Street, which looked unique, warm, and inviting. We took a chance and went in- and I’m so, so glad we did. Not only were the staff just the nicest bunch of people you could hope to meet, but the food was AMAZING– quite possibly the best breakfast I’ve eaten in years. I enjoyed an egg, cheddar, and bacon croissant with a strong macchiato (and was so impressed that I ordered a follow-up parfait of greek yogurt with fresh fruit and honey while Troy opted for seconds on his breakfast sandwich.)


If you find yourself in Salem and looking for a place to sit and eat some fantastic food, I can’t recommend this place enough. I’ll definitely be going back soon!

After our breakfast/brunch, Troy and I spent a little bit of time walking around downtown Salem- taking in the beauty of the older houses, some of the cobblestone streets, and more than one gaudy psychic parlor or “Witch Trial” themed gift shop (which seemed to be the only things that were open for business at the time.) As the afternoon wore on, and the arctic temperatures started to get to us- we headed back to my car, and from there- back home. I know that a day consisting of a delicious meal and walking around in the cold with a person that you love might sound so simple or so ordinary to some- but it really was a perfect day- and an even more perfect way to begin a brand new year.

I’m so excited to see what else is in store for 2015, and it’s only just started!

Spotted during our walk.

Spotted during our walk. Yikes.



2 thoughts on “A Bewitching New Year’s…

  1. now this is a “wicked” awesome New years I’ve always wanted to visit Salem super jealous, nice dress by the way

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