Loot Crate: November 2014.

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It feels like I was just starting to get over the greatness that was October’s Loot Crate when November’s box showed up at my door. When I saw this month’s theme, “BATTLE,” I immediately thought back to the days of highly competitive (and highly emotional) ‘Mortal Kombat’ tournaments my older brother and I would have on our Sega Genesis in my parents’ living room, and to the days where Sean would mercilessly kick my ass (and then mercilessly mock me,) while we played ‘Tekken’ on rainy afternoons during Summer vacations when we were kids.

While the “BATTLE” box sadly didn’t include anything ‘Mortal Kombat’ or ‘Tekken’ related, it did have a few cool things inside of it- some of which I’ll be gifting to friends.

Let’s take a look!


As usual, November’s crate included it’s mini-magazine and collector’s pin with the “BATTLE” theme printed on it. Inside the magazine were the expected games, puzzles, and a break-down of what was featured in the box and what had been up for grabs in the coveted monthly ‘Epic Mega Crate’ that subscribers can enter to win with each theme.

The magazine also featured a Q&A with the creators of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and an article by Keri Honea detailing the evolution of the ‘Halo’ franchise, which was a pretty good read for anyone who plays the game or has been catching up with the comic and/or novel series.


I enjoy the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ games. The story throughout the series can be a bit convoluted and tiresome at times, much like the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise where things are lazily tied together and really make no sense the more you think about them- but the game play and graphics are incredible and that’s enough to keep me entertained and hanging on for more. This metal “Unity Coin,” which features the seal of the Assassins on one side and a space to etch your name on the other- will be going to my friend Mike, who is a big fan of the games and will undoubtedly appreciate this little token to add to his “Man Town” room in his house!


Also being gifted is this cute little Mega Man helmet replica with a supporting display stand. I received the green helmet, one of four available colors- and will be passing it on to one of two friends I know of who will enjoy this little nostalgic memento!



I’ve mentioned it in a past Loot Crate review, but I have a few fond memories of completely decimating my ex-boyfriend on his XBox whenever he’d challenge me to play ‘Halo 2’ with him. I’m fairly certain the cry of “ASHLEY! STOP TAKING THE F*CKING SWORD! STOP CHASING ME!” happened so often that his neighbors had to have been concerned about what was happening behind closed doors.

I digress, this little Halo figurine from Mega Bloks, complete with it’s own weapon and drop ship- cracked me up. I wasn’t sure as to whether or not I’d gift this toy or keep it for myself, but the more I look at it, the more I think I can find a place for it with all my other little trinkets.



When Sean and I weren’t beating the hell out of each other or trying to sabotage one another by reaching over to grab the other person’s controller mid-game play in ‘Tekken,’ we opted for ‘Street Fighter.’ Admittedly, I wasn’t as into SF as I was other fighting franchises (‘Mortal Kombat’ will always be my favorite,) but it was still a good time and this Ryu headband gave me a good laugh when I unraveled it from it’s packaging. Would I wear it on a regular basis or out in public? Probably not- but it was still fun to throw on to take a photo. HADOUKEN!



Ah, yes- the age old question: “which is better- pirates or ninjas?” I remember getting into a full-blown debate about this in high school once with my friend John. I was all for pirates, while John kept attempting to counter my points with his ninja-appreciation. To this day, I don’t think the issue has ever been resolved, but now, with the help of this soft fitted t-shirt- I think the answer can be a little bit of both. Meshing a ninja with a pirate (Ninjate? Piranja?) by using words often associated with each- I love the design of this tee and I can’t wait to wear it- possibly to my high school reunion where John and I can finish the debate once and for all.


Lastly, November’s crate featured a couple of digital bonuses- some free content from Archie (yes!) and a percentage off of the “Lichdom: Battlemage” game currently on Stream.

And as the box Loot Crate arrived in indicated, both the box and the mini-magazine doubled as something else. The box, which could be bent to look like a diorama of sorts, offered the scenery- while the back cover of the MiniMag had perforated cut-outs of Mega Man and Ryu in various battle poses so that you could set them up to create a fight scene of your own. I’m saving that project for my niece, who will get a kick out of it for sure.

While “BATTLE” wasn’t necessarily my favorite box I’ve received to date, I still enjoyed opening it up and checking everything out. I’ve got a few little gifts for friends and a comfortable t-shirt to wear when I’m lounging around- so it wasn’t a complete miss this month!

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