October 2014: In a Nutshell.

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First and foremost, Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe October, the best month- MY month- is over already and in just a few hours I’ll be in New York City celebrating Halloween and kicking off November! Time flies when you’re having fun and reviewing terrible horror movies on Netflix.

“Horrors of Netflix” jokes aside, October was, of course, fantastic- spent participating in Halloween-themed activities (getting separated from my friends during a haunted corn maze in the middle of the night, for one example,) photographing eerie and beautiful locations, and screaming/cheering/screaming some more at the new season of “The Walking Dead” (it’s REALLY good so far!) I hosted my first, but certainly not my last horror-centric giveaway and collaborated with some very cool representatives from some very cool companies to review their products. All in all- I stayed busy!

Of course, with October over- November begins what I call the “year end crunch” at work, where my office starts to wrap up and organize cases for the current year while simultaneously preparing for the upcoming one, It also means the holidays are on their way- so it’s going to be very, very hectic over the next few weeks. In between work and spending time with my family, I’m going to be attempting some travel, prepping some recipe and fashion posts- and scouting out some new locations to photograph.

And with all those great plans in writing, I’m off to head into NYC and bid farewell to October and my favorite holiday in style- and maybe sneak some candy. Maybe…

… Probably.


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