September 2014: In a Nutshell.

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Despite the fact that we’ve reached the end of September, the leaves have been changing colors, and we are (officially) in the midst of Fall- it has felt more like mid-July these last few days here in New England. I briefly had to swap my boots and hoodie for comfortable flats and a t-shirt when temperatures unexpectedly soared this past weekend. Much like Winter did earlier this year when it came time for Spring to reign supreme, it seems Summer isn’t ready to go without a fight.

As excited as I am that my favorite month of the year is finally here, proper respects must be paid to September- which, when not in my office, was spent in beautiful locations like Hampton Beach, rural Vermont- and the always picturesque Western Massachusetts taking in the beginnings of Autumn. September also saw the start of what has quickly become my newest favorite tradition: bringing my six year old niece to kindergarten a couple of days per week. I love concocting bizarre pancake recipes with her for breakfast, listening to music together in the car, and talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while we walk hand-in-hand to her school. She’s just such a fun little kid and I adore spending time with her.

I also ended this month on the highest of high notes:





On Friday night, I saw one of my favorite bands, Kasabian, at The ‘Dise.  The last time I saw Kasabian live was circa 2005 at a small outdoor festival in Staten Island with my friend Sam. At the time, Sam had quite the crush on singer Tom Meighan (not that I blame her- he was, and still is- very, very handsome,) but I’ve always had a thing for Sergio Pizzorno, the guitarist. Despite my love for the band- it seems as though every time they came to the area in recent years, I was either out of town or busy with other plans.

Regardless, Friday night’s show was worth the wait. Kasabian were fantastic and the show was fun and memorable enough to climb near the top of my list of all-time favorite gig experiences. Not even getting accidentally elbowed in the face during the encore by a very enthusiastic fan could deter my good mood. I sang along to every song, fawned ridiculously (and shamelessly,) and jumped up and down with the crowd until it became physically impossible to move.

I hope they come back to Boston sooner rather than later.





On Sunday, I headed out to West Springfield with some of my girlfriends to attend the final day of The Big E, because what better way to start the week than by stuffing ourselves with the unhealthiest of fair foods and then risking our necks on carnival rides? When we couldn’t take anymore deep fried Oreos or swinging dangerously high off of the ground- we spent the afternoon and early evening walking the fair grounds, feeding farm animals and perusing booths upon booths of goods from local vendors. It was a really lovely afternoon spent in good company.

And with October mere hours away, I’m so excited for all the things I have planned! “The Walking Dead” returns in a couple of weeks, as does “American Horror Story.” I have a pretty fun Halloween-themed giveaway coming up (the details will be announced this coming weekend!) some travel and day-trips scheduled, and I get to absolutely decimate my recommendations on my Netflix account when my “Horrors of Netflix” reviews return!

It’s been fun, September- but now it’s October’s turn to shine- and I couldn’t be more excited!

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