Loot Crate: September 2014.

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Three subscription review posts in a row? I know, I know. Despite my recent content- I assure you all that Legally Redhead is not being changed into “What’s in Ashley’s Mailbox Today?,” and I promise I’ll feature different posts within the coming days (apart from what’s been arriving in the post-) but most of you know that Loot Crate is the box I simply love receiving the most! So much that I wanted to share September’s box, with a “GALACTIC” theme- before I head off on an Autumn adventure this crisp, chilly afternoon!



I always start off with the usual items I receive every month- the mini-magazine and collector’s pin. September’s issue, featuring a breakdown of all the stuff in the box, games, and puzzles- also included a fun little article for ‘Firefly’ fans (I’ll get to that in a minute,) that breaks down the best character items from the show- and an interview with Julian Higgins- the director and mastermind behind Loot Crate’s fun, creative theme videos.

I was also happy to find a blast-from-my-past in the form of a packet of Pop Rocks in September’s box- which were promptly ripped open and devoured as soon as I finished taking the photo above. The only flavor that is even worth paying attention to is green apple (same thing applies to Jolly Ranchers hard candies- end of discussion,) so a good thing was made even better.



Okay, so I’m just going to go ahead and revoke my own “geek” card by fully admitting that I’ve never watched ‘Firefly’ before (I think I can hear some of my friends reading this blog actually screaming and recoiling in horror right now.) Somewhere among Joss Whedon’s infinite other projects- this one-season wonder simply slipped by me. It’s a shame, too- because I do love me some Nathan Fillion. Regardless, this stack of bank robbery money, inspired by the show- will be gifted to someone who will fully appreciate it, as it’s completely lost on me.

What isn’t lost on me is this month’s Bonus Digital Loot- codes to get a look at Dark Horse Comics’ “Halo Escalation” series. My love of Halo has transcended from my days many, many years ago- spending hours upon hours mercilessly destroying my ex-boyfriend on his XBox while he fought, in vain- to beat in me “Halo 2.” Needless to say, I’m excited to read these comics and take those days of glory to a whole new level.

And although I can never have enough magnets in my place- I think I’ll be gifting this Star Wars Retro Arcade one to a friend who will undoubtedly enjoy the throwback to simpler times and even simpler video game graphics. Oh, Intellivision, how I miss you.


I actually cackled when I unfolded this 9 x 27″ poster that had been carefully placed in the bottom of my Loot Crate. Although I would love to keep this poster of one of Star Wars’ most iconic images/scenes someplace where company can get a good look at it (my bathroom, for instance-) I think I’ll be gifting this to one of my friends who is a huge Han Solo fan. I’m not sure if giving this photo to them could technically be considered cruel or not, since it does capture Han in quite the predicament- but I’m sure they’ll find a place for it!


Before Hollywood had them showing up in countless sequels or battling Predator for some inexplicable reason- there was simply ‘Alien,’ and it was terrifying. Try to recall when and where you were the first time you ever saw the infamous “chest-burst” scene and then think about how your face probably looked immediately following it. Awesome, right? Of course it was! September’s Loot Crate featured this classic style ‘Alien’ action figure- which will find a happy home among my other collectibles I refuse to take out of their boxes.



Oh, Funko- you’ve gone and done it again and you’ve given me an adorable figurine of Nathan Fillion’s character, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, from ‘Firefly.’ The hair! The coat! The gun! It’s just all so perfect. Unfortunately, since I’m now an admitted non-watcher of the show- I’ll be gifting this along with the bank robbery money pictured earlier in this post!


Lastly, and maybe one of my favorite items in September’s box- OH MY GOD I GOT A TRIBBLE! It’s so cute, and furry, and isn’t multiplying all over the place! It’s just a fun little ball of hair that sits comfortably in the palm of my hand and can be displayed in it’s adorable “Please Do Not Feed” carrying container.

Once again, I had so much fun unboxing and playing with September’s Loot Crate. “GALACTIC” is a hell of a theme to take on- but I think they tackled it brilliantly! Now with October approaching, as well as Halloween- I’m hoping we get a horror-themed box chock-full of bloody, gory, terrifying goodness!

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  1. Looking into Joining Loot Crate and came upon your blog while doing research. Thanks for the thorough review. Enjoyed reading several other posts.

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