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When a representative from Lionesse Gem Skin Care recently reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products with a handful of selected bloggers, I was flattered and floored. I am always on the prowl for new brands and cosmetics/skin and hair care to try- and after some correspondence and a little bit of research of my own into the brand and their history- I eagerly agreed.

A little blurb from Lionesse about their company and customers:

“Lionesse Beauty Bar is a luxury boutique offering high-end beauty products and professional makeovers. Our stores are located in California, Las Vegas, Canada, and Singapore.

The Lionesse is a sexy vixen that takes control of her life with style. Every man wants her and women want to be her. She is fierce, strong, stunning, and comfortable in her own skin. She glides down the street with unwavering confidence as if it’s her very own runway… She owns it.”

The Lionesse Gem Skin Care line is comprised of five collections, each based off of a precious gemstone (White Pearl, Black Onyx, Amber, Yellow Sapphire, and Diamond, respectively-) and each collection is designed to target different concerns for different skin types using unique combinations of vitamins, brightening and anti-aging ingredients.

Now, I try to keep myself on a bit of a budget when it comes to beauty products. I DO splurge every now and then to treat myself, but if I bought every product I saw and wanted on a whim- so, so many of my bills would go unpaid and I’d probably be siphoning gas to fuel my car. That being said, my jaw hit the floor when I first saw the price points of Lionesse’s collections. Ranging from $1,300 – $6,000, with $400 eye creams and $600 serums- I needed a moment to recover. Would I ever be able to afford this stuff? With weeks of saving and some sacrifice, sure- but would I want to spend that kind of money? Would dropping that kind of cash be worth it? To answer those questions- I turned to the products themselves.


Lionesse was gracious enough to send me two full-sized products for my skin type: the facial peel from the Amber Collection ($300) and the Vitamin C serum from the White Pearl Collection ($400) along with detailed directions on how and when to use each. I’ve been testing them out over the past few days, and am ready to weigh in on the results.


Amber Facial Peel:

“Banish filth and all its cohorts. This gentle formula works to remove toxins, dirt and oil from your skin. Formulated with Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) and Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), your skin will feel rejuvenated and fresh.” – From Lionesse’s website.

As directed, I’ve used this peel just a couple of times over the past few days (it’s not for everyday use) to clean out my pores and even out my skin’s tone and texture. I had a product similar to this years ago and had loved it- only to find out it had been discontinued when I went to replenish my bottle, and up until now- I’ve been unable to locate anything like it. Using a small amount, I spread the gel-like substance all over my face, and wait about five minutes before I begin to gently massage it with my fingertips in circular motions to exfoliate my skin. Once the peel begins to flake off, I rinse my face with cool water, pat dry with a clean towel- and then moisturize as usual.

Even after only a couple of uses, my skin looks and feels smoother, appears brighter, and even feels a little tighter- which I didn’t think was possible. This product isn’t abrasive at all, which is also a plus for those with sensitive skin. The only downside to this peel, and it’s nothing major- is that some of the flakes that form when massaging it into the skin pre-rinse don’t come off so easily, and have to be picked off prior to moisturizing- which can be a little uncomfortable. Other than that, though- this product has been working well for me and will more than likely become a part of my weekend deep-cleansing regimen.


White Pearl Vitamin C Serum:

“Unveil your greatest potential. This serum replenishes your skin with vital nutrients to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance and luminescence. This potent product will reduce the evidence of time and wear to create smoother, softer looking skin.” – From Lionesse’s website.

Like the Amber Facial Peel, this highly concentrated serum is not designed for everyday use. I’ve been using this every other night before bed after cleansing my skin and without applying moisturizer afterwards (the serum doesn’t sink into the skin super fast, so extra hydration isn’t really necessary.) When I wake up in the morning after each use, my skin is glowing, and feels really, really soft. Also like the Amber Facial Peel, a little goes a LONG way with this serum- so applying a ton of the product isn’t necessary at all. Only a pump, maybe two- is enough to give your face even coverage.

Side, somewhat unrelated note: this serum smells really, really good- like a mixture of different types of fruit. I’m liking it a lot.


With their chic packaging, interesting gemstone-inspired collection concept, and skin care that has a nice, not-too-thick consistency- Lionesse definitely grabbed my attention. Based purely off of the results I’ve achieved so far- I’m a fan of both of the products they sent me to review. My skin continues to look and feel great as I use the peel and the serum, and with how concentrated they are- both full-sized bottles will last me a long time since I don’t have to apply an excessive amount with each use- and only have to use them a couple of times per week at the most.

Again, the only thing that makes me, and would probably make anyone on a budget wince- is the price per product and the price of an entire collection. Would I re-purchase the peel and the serum? Yes- but probably not for a while and probably not both at the same time- since such an investment ($700) would require some serious saving, and probably a little more overtime at the office. If these products and collections were a little more affordable, I wouldn’t be so hesitant- and would probably go on a bit of a shopping spree- because they ARE great quality and they DO give really good results.

I want to thank Lionesse for being so generous in letting me try these products. The opportunity is greatly appreciated. You can find and connect with Lionesse Gem on Facebook and Twitter!

*Note: All opinions in this post are entirely my own. I do not work for, nor was I paid by Lionesse Gem Skin Care to write these reviews.*

308 thoughts on “Lionesse Gem Skin Care.

  1. I have been using this amazing and incredible Lionesse Gem Skin Care on regular basis and I cannot tell you that how much this anti wrinkle product blessed me. It gave me beauty, attraction and perfection. It removed all bad signs of wrinkles, furrow lines and dark circles around eyes from my face.

  2. I had heard of Lionesse Gen Skin Care but had never tried it so I had no idea how expensive the products were. Judging by the results that you had from your usage of the products I would say that the products are worth the price. If they were a little less expensive I would definitely purchase these products. Thank you for sharing this review.

  3. Thanks for this very informative review! It sounds as if they are extremely effective. It was interesting you said your skin felt, “tighter” using the peel; that is quite amazing, and I don’t think I’ve found a product that does that thus far!

  4. I’ve heard of this products but honestly have only dreamed,now here’s a chance to win,it’s very generous of you to offer the chance to win.

  5. great review these product sound absolutly amazing and look like they would feel wonderful against your skin thanks for sharing this with us

  6. I read the reviews & this product sounds amazing! It the skin care I need for this aging skin, maybe it would make me feel good about myself or my appearance! Love your blog about this product!

  7. Thank you for the honest review. I too find the price to high but I’ve read other reviews and am sure that the products are really good. Maybe one day…
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  8. The Lionesse Gem skin care line intrigues me – the products seem to be miracle workers, but the prices are horrifying. I would love to see an update of your usage and how your skin has been improving!

  9. These products sounds amazing I REALLY would like to try them. I agree with what you’ve said, the only thing that would keep me from trying Lionesse is the price. Thank you for sharing this review.

  10. I would love to treat myself so lavishly with these products. Luck you that you were able to sample/review them.
    Rafflecopter name: Enelram

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