May 2014: In a Nutshell.

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Boston Common - May 2014.

Boston Common – May 2014.

For all my excitement and incessant pining for Spring to get here, it came and went in a flash- and now Summer is at our door. I won’t complain, though. As long as the weather is warm, I’m happy- and Summertime means getting to do a lot of my favorite things: going to the beach and actually being able to swim in the ocean, going on picnics, wearing shorts (as silly as it sounds, I look forward to that!) and using some of my accrued (and much deserved!) vacation time for extended travel, or even to simply take a day off to go to an amusement park during the week.

May was lovely, with my days divided between work and spending as much time outside in the sun and around the (finally!) blossoming trees and flowers as possible. I had kicked off the month in NYC, eating cupcakes and laughing so hard it hurt at Chris Hardwick with my good friend Alison, and today I am wrapping up the month with an iced coffee and seeing the much-anticipated “Maleficent” movie with friends after a quick stop at my office. It’s the first of many Summer movies I’m looking forward to this year.

While June will be spent mostly working, of course, as well as finishing up my costumes for July’s San Diego Comic-Con (photos coming soon!), I am also planning another weekend trip to NYC for some Marvel-related geek-dom, and to Maine to visit a beach community I haven’t been to since my teens. I’m really excited and am looking forward to sharing what will surely be a LOT of photos.

Au revoir May- and Spring! Bring on Summer!

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    • Oh my! Thank you so, so much for the nomination- and especially for the very kind words about my blog! I truly appreciate it and I would be more than happy to participate in this!

      I’ve followed you and I’ll be sure to link back to you, as well! 🙂

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