GLOSSYBOX: April 2014 Review.

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Oh, GlossyBox, what can I say about you that hasn’t already been said? Some months, you blow me away with the quality and value of what you send me (March’s box was a perfect example of that.) Other months, I’m underwhelmed- but one thing always stays consistent- your shipping method is downright stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown accustomed to being charged for my box at the beginning of the month, only to receive it weeks later, sometimes at the beginning of the following month- but April’s shipping was pretty much a disaster. From my understanding, the boxes were sent out at the last possible second before billing began for May, and trying to track them was near impossible.

GlossyBox, I love you- I do! I’ve been introduced to so many wonderful brands and products through your service (and $21 a month is a steal!) but you’ve got to get your shipping under control. I don’t expect it to always be perfect, because things happen and that’s life- but there needs to be some improvement, if only a little bit to keep subscribers in the loop on the status of their stuff!

Anyway, I DID eventually receive April’s box, so let’s get to it.

What I Received:

Caldrea Tea Olive Lime Body Wash

Bellápierre Cosmetics Super Gloss in ‘Vanilla Pink’ (*FULL SIZE!*)

Ciaté London Paint Pot Nail Polish in ‘Twinset and Pearls’ (*FULL SIZE!*)

Aqua Spa Relax Body Crème

LA Splash Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer/Base (*FULL SIZE!*)


Product # 1: Caldrea Tea Olive Lime Body Wash ($18)

I can appreciate any product that smells like a dessert, so when I first caught a whiff of this foaming body wash, which reminded me of Key lime pie- I was pretty excited to try it out. The wash itself lathered up nicely, and paired with the lime fragrance, which wasn’t too overpowering- it was actually really refreshing. My skin felt hydrated and smooth- and stayed that way long after my shower.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This is one of those products that I’d not only love to have for myself, but available for guests, as well- and it would also make a wonderful gift. I really liked the fragrance (I’m a big fan of anything citrus,) but I especially loved how soft- but cleansed- my skin felt after each use.



Product # 2: Bellápierre Cosmetics Super Gloss in ‘Vanilla Pink’ ($24.50)

When I saw this tube of rosy-neutral lip gloss upon opening April’s GlossyBox, I wasn’t exactly excited, and was already prepared to be blasé about how it looked on my lips. Whenever cosmetic subscription services send any kind of lip color, nine times out of ten- it’s a rose/neutral- and it can get sort of boring after a while! Regardless, I opted to give it a chance- and I’m certainly glad I did! This vanilla-scented gloss, packed with vitamin E and moisturizing oils, applied smoothly, not sticky- and left a slightly-frosted finish that didn’t look too shiny or sparkly. It was just right, and didn’t wash me out.

I loved the way this product looked and felt, but there was only one downside- the longevity. This gloss didn’t last nearly as long as I would have hoped, and multiple re-applications were necessary to keep the color on my lips.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. I really did love the overall quality of this gloss, from the color to the finish to how soft it made my lips feel- but it’s lack of staying power is a near deal-breaker for me. If Bellápierre Cosmetics could re-formulate this so that it had the same texture and consistency, but lasted twice as long- I’d buy it in a heartbeat for sure!


Product # 3: Ciaté London Paint Pot Nail Polish in ‘Twinset and Pearls’ ($15)

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ciaté nail polishes before, but had never actually tried them until I received this bottle in April’s GlossyBox. At first glance, I thought the packaging was simply adorable (look at the little bow! Just look at it!) and the pearl color of the lacquer seemed really pretty. When it came time to get a proper manicure this weekend, I brought this product with me- and although the polish applied easily enough and dried quickly, I was a little disappointed with how transparent this particular color looked on my nails, like I had nothing on them at all! Ciaté is advertised as being highly pigmented, so I was a bit let-down with this one.

Would I Purchase?: No. Don’t get me wrong- I would LOVE to try some of the other beautiful shades Ciaté has to offer, but I wouldn’t purchase “Twinset and Pearls” again. It did absolutely nothing for me.


Product # 4: Aqua Spa Relax Body Crème ($9.99)

Having run out of my hand lotion earlier this week, I was relieved to find a nice (albeit slightly warped) travel-sized tube of hand/body cream in my April box to use as a replacement. This rich cream smells heavenly- truly relaxing and therapeutic- and sank into my skin without leaving behind any kind of film or greasy residue. My hands felt intensely moisturized and soft for hours, and the fragrance lasted just as long. Even now as I type this, I can still smell traces of the lavender! I think this would be a great before-bed body cream to hydrate the skin and calm the mind. It’s lovely.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! Like the body wash I received in April’s box, this is another universally awesome product that I’d not only keep for myself, but purchase to gift to others, too. The moisturizing benefits of this cream are fantastic, but so is the aromatherapy!


Product # 5: LA Splash Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer/Base ($8.99)

I’m a stickler for my Urban Decay Primer Potion. It’s worked well for me for years, and I’ve never really had a reason to venture to other eye shadow primers because of it. I’m never opposed to trying something new, however, and seeing that this primer had a convenient doe foot applicator for mess-free precision- I gave it a go and hoped for the best.

So here’s the good news: this primer held my eye shadow in place all day. I mean all. day. There was no creasing, no fading, and no flaking. My shadow didn’t budge and looked freshly applied from morning ’til night. Great, right?

The bad news? Applying this stuff was a nightmare. It was sticky, like glue, and felt heavy on my lids even after it had dried- and even though it held my shadow in place, actually applying and blending the shadow on top of this product was a process all in itself since the consistency of the primer was so tacky. Yikes.

Would I Purchase?: No. Despite the fact that this primer packs a powerful punch in terms of all-day wear, actually getting this product on my eyelids- comfortably, mind you- was such a hassle that it outweighs the good aspects. I’ll stick with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, thank you!

The shipping debacle aside, I liked April’s GlossyBox. The body wash and body cream were big hits, and even the lip gloss was nice, despite it not lasting all that long on my lips- so three out of five products having favorable reviews isn’t bad at all. May’s box, a collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman, is shaping up to (hopefully) be a great collection of products, so I’m looking forward to that. Fingers crossed that it arrives before mid-June!

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