Loot Crate: April 2014.

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I have so much fun with Loot Crate. Subscribers learn the coming month’s theme fairly early on via e-mail announcements, but there’s rarely sneak peeks or spoilers- so you never know what you’re going to get until it arrives in the mail. It’s always a surprise.

April’s theme was “Dragon,” and while I suspected there would be something ‘Game of Thrones’ related inside (it just goes without saying-) I had no idea what else I’d receive, and couldn’t wait to tear the box open when I came home from work yesterday and saw it sitting at my door. This month’s mini-magazine featured a brief history of the folklore of dragons- from the Middle Ages to more modern interpretations in video games, television shows, and movies. The mini-mag also included a Q&A with YouTube’s Panser, and a review of Elder Scrolls Online.

With my mini-magazine and my monthly collector’s pin, I also received two 20-sided die- one, an actual “Dungeons & Dragons” polyhedral dice which I plan on giving to my friend Stef (it’s an ongoing joke and reference to one of our favorite movies, “Wet Hot American Summer.”) The other, a larger, squishier 20-sided dice shaped stress ball, has already found a home at my desk at work.


I did a double-take when I first saw the package of (GREEN!) beef jerky in this month’s crate. I’ve eaten plenty of jerky in my life (New England has more than enough fairs and farmer’s markets, after all,) but it’s never looked so reptilian before. I plan on bringing it to the office to chew on with my co-worker within the next couple of days, although part of me wants to save it for just a little while longer because it’s so damned cool looking.

And although I’ve never slayed a dragon outside ‘World of Warcraft,” I thought the ‘Dragon Slayer’ dog tag was a fun addition to April’s box. I’m thinking I’m going to give it to one of my friends, who have undoubtedly become used to my passing along various knick-knacks and odds & ends over the years.

Finally, and maybe the most useful item in the crate, was the dragon shield microfiber screen cleaner. I have a smartphone, and no matter how careful I am, the screen is always getting smudged and smeared with my fingerprints throughout the day. This washable and re-usable cleaning pad conveniently sticks to the back of my phone for whenever I need it, and re-sticks right back into place after I get my screen looking brand new again.


As I had predicted, April’s Loot Crate did feature something GoT-related in the form of one of these mystery mini vinyl figures from Funko. I received The White Walker, which I know is supposed to be scary and everything- but I cannot stop squealing for the life of me over how cute it is. I love Funko figurines, and this one is definitely joining my collection.


The last item I received in my April Loot Crate was this exclusive “The Nord” Elder Scrolls figurine with removable helmet and weapons. I never made it particularly far whenever I played ‘Skyrim,’ mainly because I ran around picking fights and murdering everyone and everything I could instead of actually attempting to accomplish goals in the game (kind of like when I play ‘Grand Theft Auto-‘) but it was still a lot of fun. This figurine, much like the Funko one, is pretty adorable- and I’ll be passing it on to my friend Sean, who will surely appreciate it as he is a big fan of ‘Skyrim.’

Another month, and another Loot Crate that was a blast to unbox. I really enjoyed April’s ‘Dragon’ theme, and I’m looking forward to getting my next e-mail as May approaches to learn the theme of the next one.

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