A Haunting in Connecticut…

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It’s no surprise that I find beauty in abandoned, decaying buildings. They’re what I typically photograph the most. When I stumble upon the most beautiful of forgotten structures, however- my appreciation is matched only by my sorrow that such a fine piece of architecture has been left to rot from the elements.

Such was the case yesterday while I was going for an aimless Sunday drive after running some errands. I somehow ended up in Thompson, Connecticut- where I found the above-pictured house near what I believe was the center of town. The empty and dilapidated building, which a little bit of research has taught me was formerly The Mason House (built in 1845,) is apparently up for demolition due to long-term neglect, which is a shame- considering how much potential it could have with the proper amount of attention and renovations.

I admired (see: fell in love with) The Mason House from the road, just beyond it’s broken and peeling white front gate- and would love to go back to take more photos when the last of the snow has melted. It’s a stunning building. It’s another one of those “I would love to turn this into an old fashioned and cozy inn/bed & breakfast” type of places.

3 thoughts on “A Haunting in Connecticut…

  1. What a gorgeous house! I love all of the detail work on it and its dilapidated condition adds a little mystery. It’s a shame it’s set to be torn down. It would be a perfect renovation project, sigh. Great photos!

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