GLOSSYBOX: February 2014 Review.

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Ipsy set the bar pretty high for beauty box subscription standards in February. I had loved everything I received in my bag, and didn’t think it could be topped. Even so, I kept an open mind when my GlossyBox eventually arrived. I’d already been made privy to a couple of the samples I’d be receiving a little earlier in the month, but everything else was still very much a mystery. The nail polish, although expected- caught my attention right away, as did the bright packaging of the Anatomicals product- but I wanted to try everything included before I reached a final verdict.

What I Received:

Sumita Beauty Color Intense Pencil in ‘Kala’ (*Full Size!*)

Pureology COLOUR FANATIC Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier for Color-Treated Hair

Anatomicals Puffy the Eyebag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches (*Full Size!*)

Lauren B Nail Couture in ‘City of Angels’ (*Full Size!*)

Skin&Co. Roma Truffle Therapy Serum Plus



Product # 1: Sumita Beauty Color Intense Pencil in ‘Kala’ ($15)

The first product I tried from February’s GlossyBox was this black soft pencil liner. When I first pressed it to my lid, the tip broke off completely into my bathroom sink, which I should have taken as some sort of foreshadowing- but I sharpened it to a point and tried it again anyway. While the pencil did apply smoothly- eventually- it stayed in place for all of a couple of hours before my cat-eye was smudged and smeared everywhere. By my lunch hour, I resembled The Winter Soldier from the upcoming “Captain America 2” movie.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

Would I Purchase?: No. This eyeliner was awful. The pencil tip kept crumbling and the liner itself doesn’t last long at all. $15 for something so poorly made is an insult, and you’re better off buying a less expensive brand that will apply with much more ease and won’t budge for twice as long as this one.


Product # 2: Pureology COLOUR FANATIC Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier for Color-Treated Hair ($24)

From personal experience, red hair is one of the hardest colors to maintain. If you aren’t a natural redhead (which I am not,) and don’t use the right products- your color can very quickly fade into an orange-y, coppery disaster. You need special shampoos, conditioners, masks, styling creams/sprays/serums- and a lot of patience to keep red hair looking fabulous- so I am always willing to try products that I receive in subscription services that are designed specifically for color-treated locks. This lightweight, nicely-scented spray was advertised as being able to do a number of beneficial things for my hair: from protecting my color, to taming frizz, to strengthening split ends, to adding moisture and shine, and so on.

I can’t speak for long-term results since I only received enough of this product to last me a few days, but I didn’t notice a dramatic difference in either frizz-control or shine. My hair definitely felt softer, but overall I wasn’t completely blown away with this.

Would I Purchase?: No. While there wasn’t anything particularly bad about this spray, there also wasn’t anything particularly extraordinary about it, either. I’ve achieved better, more noticeable results with the products I currently have in my hair care regimen. I wouldn’t run out to purchase a full size of this anytime soon, if ever.



Product # 3: Anatomicals Puffy the Eyebag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches ($11.29)

Oh, Anatomicals. How I love your products, your packaging, and your puns. While puffy eyes aren’t a huge concern for me (I’ve always been a little bug-eyed and have long since accepted and embraced it,) I really wanted to try these patches, which feel a little slimy when first removed from the packaging- but effortlessly stuck to and stayed in place on the delicate skin under my eyes without discomfort or irritation. The non-sticky gel the patches are coated with feels cool and tingly, and after 30 minutes- my eye area feel soft, hydrated, and refreshed- and stayed that way long after the patches were removed.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This is another winner for Anatomicals. While I can’t say I saw drastic results for puffiness (again: forever bug-eyed,) I think these would be an amazing treat for myself after a long day of reading/working/blogging/Tumblr-ing, or for travel during a particularly long flight (or after an even longer night.) These patches are, again- refreshing- and also affordable. I would absolutely buy these.



Product # 4: Lauren B Nail Couture in ‘City of Angels’ ($18)

Nail polishes are almost always a hit with me when it comes to subscription boxes. I think in all the bottles I’ve received in the past year or so that I’ve been subscribed to services like Ipsy and GlossyBox, I’ve only ever been disappointed with the quality of one or two nail lacquers. This creamy ballerina pink applied evenly and dried quickly- two things I look for in a polish- and I am in love with the color. It’s a bright, pretty, and appropriate for all occasions hue that is beyond perfect for the Spring. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and void of any harmful chemicals- which makes this lacquer another winner to add to my ever growing collection.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I would absolutely re-purchase this polish, and probably some of the other polishes in the “Nail Couture” line. I love the color selection, the formula, and the durability of the finish. I haven’t seen any chipping or peeling yet, and I am constantly typing away with my fingertips.


Product # 5: Skin&Co. Roma Truffle Therapy Serum Plus ($75)

Had I been drinking any kind of liquid when I saw the price of this serum, it would have resulted in the mother of all spit-takes. While I am never against treating yourself or splurging on something from time to time, $75 for 1 fl oz. is absolutely insane to me. Automatically, I was a bit biased- thinking this was one of those over-hyped, overpriced pre-moisturizer “miracle creams” that would either irritate my skin, or wouldn’t do anything at all.

Yeah… I was wrong.

I’ve been using this serum after exfoliating and cleansing my face morning and night, and mother of GOD does it make my skin feel smooth- and so, so soft. The serum itself smells a bit like a dessert that I can’t quite put my finger on, but the fragrance didn’t cause any kind of breakout or bad reaction on my face. Also, a little bit goes a LONG way- so you don’t have to worry about running out within a week as long as you’re using it sparingly.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! It kind of kills me to say it, because I definitely think the price point is unreasonable, but this is sincerely a really great serum that has been giving me phenomenal results that I would probably purchase in the future if I really wanted to do something nice for myself that was on the expensive side.

Three great products I enjoyed, two of which were full-sized, out of five? I’ll take it. February’s GlossyBox was a good one. It may not have topped Ipsy’s bag for the month, but overall I was pleased and discovered some great brands and products I’ll definitely be checking out and considering in the future.

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