February 2014: In a Nutshell.

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I had gone into February with the best of intentions. Truly. I had all sorts of day/weekend trips and photography projects planned- and I had been looking forward to the sense of productiveness and accomplishment I thought I’d feel with all the things I’d done by the end of this month. Unfortunately, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter had other plans in mind, and while I did manage a couple of nice outings and small adventures- February was mostly spent trying to burrow out of the snow that seemed like it just never stopped falling on us here in the Northeast.

But March is here, and with it comes the hope of Spring! I’m ready for warmer, longer days. I’m ready to rock my florals. I’m ready for baseball season to start. I’m just so ready to boot what has been a brutal, merciless winter out the door and welcome a new,¬†beautiful season with open arms.

The things I had planned to do in February that I didn’t quite get around to because of the weather have been pushed into the coming weeks in March (I have a bit of an impromptu trip planned for tomorrow that I’m looking forward to,) and I’m excited to share it all here as next month progresses!

February in Fall River, MA.

February in Fall River, MA.

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