Loot Crate: January 2014.

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Two subscription box posts on the same day?! What’s going on? Well, let me explain. We’re in the middle of another nasty cold snap here in Massachusetts, and I’m attempting to thwart off the beginnings of a cold that’s been going around among my friends and people in my office building. I figured there was no better time to post all the cute things I received in my recent (and my very first) Loot Crate than now while I’m bundled up nice and toasty in bed, sipping tea, avoiding the very loud wind outside- and catching up on e-mails.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box, much like GlossyBox and Ipsy, but instead of receiving makeup/cosmetics/skin and hair care samples- Loot Crate sends a bundle of gadgets, toys, desk/home decor, collectibles, books, and odds & ends geared towards geeks and gamers (i.e.- me and 89.9% of my friends.) For less than $20 a month, I decided to treat myself this year and give the service a try.

January’s box, “Launch” was a space-themed collection, and it didn’t disappoint.


Each Loot Crate comes with a little booklet detailing the items in the box, as well as fun articles, interviews (this month featured a Q&A with NASA’s Bobak Ferdowsi,) games, etc. It also comes with a commemorative pin matching the theme of the box. Kicking things off, I received a NASA emblem patch (my aunt’s step-son is an aspiring future employee of NASA, so this will be going to him to wear with pride,) a melting Rubix Cube wall graphic that I plan on sticking in my office, and a Star Trek Communicator Badge- which I’m almost certain will find it’s way on my car after I have it cleaned this week.



Next up was a 2014 Minecraft wall calendar. My best friend Sean is currently addicted to the game (I’m talking up all night, every night, chopping wood and tirelessly building a fortress levels of addicted,) and although his efforts to get me to play haven’t worked (I’m a recovering Warcraft addict, after all,) I’m sure he’ll appreciate my thinking of him when I give him this calendar to hang on his wall.

The cutest item in this month’s box has to be the POP! Vinyl Superman figurine. I have an ever growing collection of “Walking Dead” themed POP! Vinyls in my room, and although I was tempted to add Superman into the mix- I think this one is going to find a home with my friend Evan, who is by far the biggest Superman fan/buff/collector I know. He probably already has three or more of these already- but he’ll be getting another one!


And lastly, you can’t have a space themed box without including some “Star Wars” stuff. I received a set of PocketModel trading/game cards, and a “Galactic Phrase Book.” I plan on flipping through the book, but I think both of these items will be going to my friend Mike, who is to Star Wars what Evan is to Superman. He’s a major fanboy and I know he’ll love these.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box. I received a lot of unique things, most of which I can’t wait to pass on to some of my friends- and the subscription service is a nice, inexpensive break from my usual beauty boxes (not that I don’t love those, too- but it’s fun to get something completely different!) I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Loot Crate has in store for this year.


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