Ipsy Bag: December 2013 Review.

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I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with the products and samples I’ve received from Ipsy over the past few months. I’ve discovered some great brands and cosmetics that have worked really well for me, and also learned which ones don’t work as well, too. For $10 a month, I’m almost always satisfied and impressed with what I receive. Consider me a happy customer.

I was pretty excited to see how Ipsy would close out 2013, what with it being the holidays and New Years, so when I received my red-lined, black patent bag loaded with goodies meant to go along with the theme “Celebration,” I couldn’t wait to dive right in.

What I Received:

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in “Iced Honey” (*FULL SIZE*)

Be a Bombshell –  The One Stick in “Girl Crush” (*FULL SIZE*)

POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio in “Smokin’ Hot”

Ardell Natural Lash False Eyelashes

Nicka K New York Nail Color in “Classic Taupe” (*FULL SIZE*)



Product # 1: NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in “Iced Honey” ($4)

Okay, first things first. I am absolutely in love with the color and consistency of this lipstick. This pinkish/gold hue applied like a dream- softly and smoothly. It felt wonderful on my lips and gave them a beautiful shine that would look gorgeous in the Spring or Summer. The problem with this particular formula, however, is that while it’s described as being smudge-proof and long-lasting, it vanished from my lips within twenty minutes, tops. There is absolutely NO longevity to this lipstick at all, which is really disappointing and echos a similar issue I had with the sample of em Cosmetics lipstick I received in November’s Ipsy bag that had no staying power whatsoever. I want something I won’t have to continually reapply every half hour throughout the day. This lipstick isn’t it.

Would I Purchase?: No. I’m sure I’ll be on the lookout for this color in another formula or from another brand that’ll last me a little longer, since it really is a beautiful shade- but count me out on this collection. It was a let down.



Product # 2: Be a Bombshell –  The One Stick in “Girl Crush” ($16)

I’m weary of 3-in-1 sticks, mainly because 2 out of the 3 ways they can be used suck. Example- a 3-in-1 stick looks amazing on your cheeks, but it makes your eyes look like you have a contagious medical condition or dries your lips out, or a 3-in-1 stick does wonders for your lips- but flakes on your eyelids and barely shows on your cheeks, etc.

Even still, I tried this iridescent and shimmery light pink stick on all three areas: cheeks, lips, and eyes. It barely showed on my cheeks, only succeeding in giving them a bit of a sparkle under certain lighting. It wasn’t much better on my eyes, where the pink was only slightly visible and had faded by mid-afternoon. On my lips, the color showed up a lot more by comparison, and didn’t dry my lips out like I feared it would, but much like the NYX lipstick included in this month’s bag, it didn’t last long before it had smudged and disappeared.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. There’s still hope for this product yet, because while it didn’t give me a flush of color the way I’d hoped, I think it’d still made a decent highlighter for cheek and brow bones on the days where I want a “no makeup/more natural” look.



Product # 3: POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio in “Smokin’ Hot” ($24)

This beautiful trio of eyeshadows- a shimmery cream, metallic silver, and black with a hint of sparkle- arrived just in time for me to play around with for the holidays, specifically New Years, where I think it will compliment my planned ensemble rather nicely. I applied this trio after my primer, and the shadow stayed vibrant and more importantly- in place- all day at work and into the night at the office Christmas party without flaking, smudging, or creasing. I love the way it brings out the blue in my eyes, and I think it’s going to be my go-to whenever I want to create a classic smokey eye.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I loved these colors. I loved how easy they applied- and most of all- I loved how long they lasted. These shades are only three of a full-sized palette, which also includes a beautiful purple and green- among others. Consider me smitten.


Product # 4: Ardell Natural Lash False Eyelashes ($3.99)

For someone who loves the look of false eyelashes as much as I do, I was hoping to enjoy these more. While these falsies applied easily enough and with no mess, which is always a good thing, they felt heavy along my lash line to the point where I had to peel them off because they were too uncomfortable, which turned out to be easy since they had already started to lift up, anyway. While the price point is definitely nice, the quality of these lashes isn’t.

Would I Purchase? No. I’ll stick to my volumizing and lengthening mascaras for dark, dramatic lashes. These falsies were cheap (not just in the price,) and flimsy.



Product # 5: Nicka K New York Nail Color in “Classic Taupe” ($4.99)

I wasn’t entirely sold on the color of this nail polish when I first saw it in it’s bottle. It looked a bit murky to me, but even still, I wanted to review it. That nearly became impossible when upon going to apply the lacquer for the first time, the brush broke off INSIDE THE BOTTLE. Luckily, I had a clean spare to use. Unluckily, the consistency of this product was so thick and goopy that the spare brush was rendered useless in no time. Even after letting my nails dry for fifteen minutes, they still smudged and peeled with everything I touched.

Would I Purchase?: No. This nail polish is cheap. It’s poorly made, has no quick-drying or long-lasting qualities, and the color is just as murky looking on my nails as it was in the bottle. I’ll pass on this one.

So one product I loved and four others I didn’t like at all or didn’t particularly care for. I had hoped December’s Ipsy Bag would go above and beyond in terms of the quality of products- but nothing in this month’s bag- sans the eye shadow trio- impressed me at all. Overall, I was pretty disappointed.

Oh well. There’s always 2014 for Ipsy to “wow” and dazzle me.

2 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag: December 2013 Review.

    • I hope your NYX lipstick lasts longer than mine did! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

      The other available trio Ipsy had available (I think it was a brown/nude palette) looked beautiful, too!

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