“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

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I love Boston at nighttime, period- but around the holidays, the city looks particularly magical- even when there’s no snow on the ground and it’s cold-but-bearable in the temperature department. That was the case last night when I parked my car down by the waterfront after work to attend the Boston Bloggers’ Holiday Meet & Greet. The walk to the meet-up was continually interrupted by my stopping and snapping photos of some of my favorite holiday decorations en route, including but not limited to the Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree and my all-time favorite- the illuminated trellis at Columbus Park. The fact that I wasn’t freezing to the point of being in pain was a bonus, too. If the entire winter could be/feel like it did last night- from now until Spring- I probably wouldn’t be such a hermit and frantically search for reasons to stay indoors from December-March.


The meetup, which took place at Warehouse Bar & Grille, was my first with Boston Bloggers, and apart from being a really fun way to meet and network with other bloggers in the community who share similar interests- the event was also charitable- with each attendee bringing unwrapped presents for Toys for Tots (one of my favorite organizations!)

Now, I consider myself a pretty social person, both out in the world and also on the internet where I love interacting with people across the city, the state, the country- and globe- but even I was admittedly a little nervous walking into Warehouse all by myself, towards a large gathering of strangers, and preparing to try and mingle. Thankfully, it was super easy- because everyone there was so, so, SO nice, friendly, personable, and fun.

I walked in, a little wide-eyed and not quite sure where to start, when I was given a cute sticker with my name on it to wear and a program identifying the names, blogs, and social media contact information of everyone in the room. From there, I was immediately ushered over by a couple of people (Laura and Nick, respectively!) who had apparently noticed the bewildered look on my face as I tried to figure out where and how to begin- and made me feel more than welcome as they introduced themselves and we began swapping our information, links, and talking fashion/music/hobbies.

After that, it was a lot easier to make rounds around the room in between partaking in some of the delicious food that was provided for us. I met so many wonderful, talented, brilliant, and truly fascinating writers whose work I can’t wait to follow and read. There were also a few people I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to speak at length to- but there’s always the next event- and I will definitely be in attendance. I had such a lovely time at this one!

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