Sephora Holiday Haul.

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A few days after Halloween, I was driving to work and scanning through the radio stations since I’d failed to charge my iPod battery during the night, resulting in it dying shortly after I’d left my house. I’d flipped through some top 40, morning talk segments, and some sports analysis shows when I suddenly heard one of the verses to “Frosty The Snowman.” I waited for the song to finish, wondering what was going on the entire time, when it segued into Bing Crosby’s “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.” Turns out, I had unwittingly stumbled upon a New England station that had started to play non-stop Christmas music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- until December 26th. A couple of days after that, I started getting e-mails from the different company/store mailing lists I’m on advertising holiday specials and/or gifts and gift sets for Christmas.

Not to sound like one of those crotchety “when I was your age, I had to walk twelve miles to and from school, barefoot in the snow,” people, but when I was a kid- the actual Christmas and holiday season didn’t kick off until the day after Thanksgiving- at least for my family, anyway- and it was perfect. It was just the right, appropriate amount of time to decorate, listen to lots of Christmas carols without getting sick of them, get whatever shopping, parties, and gatherings done and out of the way- and just enjoy the holiday with friends and loved ones before it was time to take the decorations down and prepare for New Years.

When I entered my teens, and started working retail (going from job to job for a good several years before I began working in law,) and the holiday season was pretty much thrust upon my co-workers and I earlier and earlier each year, I was miserable. Ungodly hours. Rude, shitty customers. Ruder, shittier managers and supervisors. Crummy pay. No time to actually spend with family or friends. Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” on a continuous loop. It was just the worst- and to this day I still have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who works retail because I know their suffering and struggle first-hand. When I started hearing the music and started receiving the holiday advertisements over the past few days- my heart went out to everyone I know, and even the people I’ve never met, who are working those insane “holiday hours” for the next two months. If anyone reading this works in retail- I’m so, so sorry. Please hang in there. If I ever come into the store where you work, I assure you I will not be an asshole to you or any of your co-workers.

My beloved Sephora was unfortunately one of the stores sucked into the way-too-early-for-Christmas whirlwind, having already put out their seasonal gift sets and started decorating the store to give it a more “festive” feel. I stopped by a location today while out buying groceries and purchasing a couple of new sweaters to take advantage of their V.I.B. sale and pick up some new eye shadow and lipstick in preparation for some pre-Thanksgiving events that are coming up, as well as Thanksgiving itself. I’m well stocked for my everyday skin care regime, but what’s left of my makeup, sans a few samples I’ve received via GlossyBox and Ipsy, is still leftover from my last Sephora Summer Haul in July (CLICK HERE TO VIEW.)

I left with a few more items, including a really cute black & white striped (with a pink hot pink lip mark) tote bag.

Here’s what I purchased (from left to right:)


1. Philosophy Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath in “Spiced Gingerbread Cookie” and “Peppermint Stick” ($16.50 each): Just because I don’t like starting the holiday season too early doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy smelling like a gingerbread cookie or a candy cane, right? Right?! I love Philosophy’s three-in-one bottles year-round, although I never use them to cleanse my hair, because they smell amazing and nourish my skin whether used as a body wash or as a bubble bath. I saw these two seasonal scents (along with some Christmas sugar cookie-scented gift sets that admittedly caught my eye,) and couldn’t resist. I’ve indulged in “Spiced Gingerbread Cookie” during holidays past, so this bottle was a no-brainer for me, but the “Peppermint Stick” fragrance is so refreshing and invigorating. I can’t use it in the shower in the mornings before work to wake myself up.


2. Urban Decay Eye Shadow in “Baked,” “Psychedelic Sister,” and “Mildew” ($18 each): I had originally wanted to purchase a highly pigmented and shimmery bronze/copper/gold shade of eye shadow during this trip to Sephora, which I found in Urban Decay’s single shadow in “Baked,” but when I laid eyes on the equally pigmented “Psychedelic Sister,” a deep, shimmery amethyst, and “Mildew,” which despite the unfortunate name, is an absolutely gorgeous moss green with flecks of gold in it- I grabbed those, too. Golds, purples, and greens are my go-to colors for my eyes in the Autumn and Winter, because they compliment my red hair and blue eyes, and I think I hit the jackpot with these three shadows.


3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in “Psychedelic Sister” and “Mildew” ($19 each): I know I’ve mostly dismissed pencil eyeliners in the past after more than one disappointing experience, but while I was in the Urban Decay section of Sephora, these creamy pencil eyeliners (that match the above eye shadows,) piqued my interest. These pencils are soft to the touch (so no sore eyelids,) are highly pigmented, and stay in place all day without budging or smudging. I swatched these with the shadows I purchased in a variety of color combinations and each one looked beautiful. I may have to reconsider my stance on pencil liners. Maybe. All I know is I’m a big fan of these.

4. Sephora Collection Skinny Brush Wrap in Emerald ($36): I’ve had the same makeup brushes for years, and they’re still in good condition- not only because of their quality, but because I clean and store them properly, too. My brushes are on the bulkier side, however, and since I have quite a few different ones- it makes traveling with them a little difficult. My brush pouch often doesn’t fit inside my makeup bag with my cosmetics- even when I take the time to pack everything neatly. I decided to grab this small, sleek brush collection in a pretty green case for when I’m on the go. The set includes:

– Powder brush
– Foundation brush
– Crease brush
– Shadow brush
– Angled liner brush

Those brushes, to me, are the essentials. I’ll be taking this wrap with me when I travel to save some space in my makeup bag.



5. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Liar” ($22): Back in August, I had received a sample of this lipstick in the shade “Anarchy” in my IPSY bag and fell in love with the formula. I had wanted to go with a more neutral shade in the Fall/Winter as an alternative for my usual wine-colored lip (which I’ve achieved to perfection with Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade “Wine With Everything.”) It was a tough choice, but after swatching the nudes in the collection a few times, I decided to go with “Liar,” which looks like a pink-nude in the tube, but applies as more of a subtle beige without looking too brown on my lips. The formula is still as wonderful as ever, making this the perfect lipstick for work or the days where I want some color without wanting to go with a deep red.

And there it is. Another haul that should last me through the rest of November, the entirety of Winter, and into the Spring. I’m really excited to start playing around with the eye shadow and eyeliner colors, and have a nice long soak with my gingerbread cookie bubble bath, of course- even if it’s not quite Christmastime yet.

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