The Notorious Ashley Page

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For my main Halloween costume this year, I wanted to go as one of my personal style icons- the beautiful, brilliant trailblazer- Bettie Page. I revealed my efforts for the first time last night at my friends’ Halloween party, but what I hadn’t counted on was how cold (and rainy!) it would be outside. Having laced up my corset and fixed my stockings and gloves, I stepped out to head to the party- only to immediately run back indoors to  put on black jeans, change from my high heels into puddle-proof boots, and grab a jacket. As dedicated as I am to doing a costume right, I’m more dedicated to not catching pneumonia. Despite the slight alterations, I think it looked pretty good, overall. I especially loved my Bettie-inspired wig, which slipped on with ease and stayed in place all night without any discomfort. It was fabulous.

Not pictured is the black whip a friend of a friend who attended last night let me carry around as a prop since I hit a bit of a speed bump when it came to picking up a riding crop in time.


Also, I saw this at the party last night and just had to snap a photo of it. I love Halloween decorations as much, if not more, than I love Christmas decorations (and that’s a lot of love,) and while my friends went all out with decorating their apartment with creepy, bloody wall murals and accents, dim lighting, and a fog machine- the puking pumpkin/spinach dip idea for the snack table was definitely my favorite:


Also, I need these slaughterhouse doorway hangings for my own place. I’d probably keep them up year-round, though- not just for Halloween:


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