Closet Crushes: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

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Long after Michael Keaton rocked this pattern, and well before Robin Thicke let Miley Cyrus grind against his similarly designed pants , I had my eye on these black and white vertical striped tights. I kept the rest of my outfit simple, and office-friendly, with a black skirt (the tights are see-through, so the extra layer of fabric is necessary) and a black tank top since it’s been pretty muggy out these past few days. When the chillier weather eventually arrives, I’ll probably add a black or white cardigan to the ensemble to keep myself warm while staying color coordinated.

Although I’d never pair these tights with a matching black and white vertical striped jacket the way the aforementioned Keaton and Thicke have done, I DID play them up with my well-worn Vera Wang boots, a chunky black and silver bangle bracelet, a pop of bright pink nail polish, and, of course- my go-to, every day/every occasion accessory- my red curls. I kept my makeup light and neutral since, despite the title of this post, I didn’t really want to fall into Beetlejuice-esque territory. Light brown eye shadow and a soft rose-colored lipstick were more than enough to pull it all together.



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